Wednesday, April 3, 2013

✔ What is CC Cream and How can I make my own?

Photo from Etude House
Hello Girls~! Everybody is talking about the new trend from South Korea, CC creams. CC stands for Color Correcting, Complexion Coordinating or Correct Care (depends on the brand). They even up skin tone and have high SPF but the coverage is usually light. 

They usually start off pure white and they turn into your skintone but that happens because of the micro-capsules that break by rubbing and they release color.  CC cream also have high moisturizing abilities. 

Color Correcting cream is for those who have flawless complexion and they need something that gives lighter feeling than BB cream or foundation, while improving the color and glow of the skin. Of course CC cream comes in different shades (sometimes) but they never release very dark shades..

How to make your own CC Cream:

CC Cream is basically a diluted with moisturizer version of the BB cream. So all you need to do is mix your moisturizer with your foundation/BB cream. Moisturizer that contains SPF is preferred.

You need your favorite/suitable for your skin type moisturizer cream

and... your favorite/suitable for skin type/tone foundation/BB cream!

I'm going to use Vitamin C moisturizer from The Body Shop with Cats Wink Foundation from TonyMoly
1:1 ratio but you can mix more moisturizer if you want it to have lighter feeling on skin

Covered my pores and semi-covered my acne scars. It feels light like I'm not wearing any foundation plus my skin feels like it can breath. I can't show you my full photo because I've been sick and my nose is flaky and dry (because of my runny nose).

The benefits of making your own:

  1. You can use the correct shade foundation and kind. For example, use foundation with matte finish for oily skin.
  2. Pick the moisturizer that is right for you.
  3. Higher coverage than actual CC cream.
I'm not suggesting not try CC creams, I'm going to order the Etude House one soon but not going to try any other brand (most likely)! I just did some research and came to the conclusion that CC creams aren't that special and you can easily get the same effect if not better by just mixing your foundation with moisturizer. 

Have you tried any CC cream? Tell me your experience if you try the moisturizer with foundation combo!
Thank you for reading!

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  1. Ohh! This looks really interesting! I think I'll give it a go one day - gotta find a good moisturiser first though! And I totally agree with you, I read up on CC creams recently and it doesn't seem to be any different from BB creams except that it's supposed to be lighter on your skin!

    1. I hope it will work well for you ^^ It really makes a difference when you mix the moisturizer with foundation!

  2. i think im gonna try making my own cc cream whime I wait for my cc order. thanks for sharing

    1. Which one did you order? ^^

    2. it's from It's Skin but it seems like our customs don't have any interest of giving my box to me.

  3. Waw...that's a great idea..
    I want to try it but already bought CC cream from
    Tony Moly and The FaceShop..
    And I love it more than BB

    1. You must have really good skin then ^^

    2. No, I'm not...>_<
      I have a lot of problem with my skin,
      Big pores, acne n acne scars...
      If I use make up more than 3-4 hours, my skin get easily breakouts...ㅠ.ㅠ

  4. i never try x3 but going to try! thanks for sharing

    visit my blog ^^

  5. Oooo nice DIY tutorial ^^

    恵美より ♥

  6. I will definitely give this one a shot one of these days!! Thanks for sharing! Anyways, have you tried the one from EH? I just ordered one yesterday and I got the one in Silky because that seems to be the one best for oily skin. I hope it works for me though. ��

  7. Nice idea to make your own version of CC cream. I'll give it a try. Actually i've tried skinfood vita water drop CC ceam. And yes it's lighter than the BB cream with slightly coverage. But this CC cream now become my firsr option for daily use, cause it lighter than BB cream plus it has high SPF too.


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