Tuesday, May 28, 2013

[Giveaway] Products I regret Buying! [100th Post Hurray!]

Hi ladies and gents! After posting about the products I regret buying, I thought why not throw a giveaway?

Monday, May 20, 2013

[Blog Sale] Super+ Vital Orange BB Cream from Skin79

I know I posted the review today saying that this product suit me and it really does apart from the spot I get every time I use it! I had to use it 4-5 times to realize that it causes me acne. Also the spots stay for around a month.

[REVIEW] Skin79 Super+ Vital Orange BB Cream

Hi there everyone! This is not the first bb cream from skin79 I've used. I finished one bottle of the Hot pink one before I started this blog! I really liked it but I decided not to repurchase and buy this one instead.

Products I regret Buying!

Greetings my dear readers! Also welcome to the new readers ^^

I decided to make this post about the products I regret buying for either not working well for me or other reasons. Please keep in mind these products might have not worked for me but they might work for you!

  • Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Scrub from Neutrogena: It makes my skin dry.
  • Moisture Match for Combo oily skin from Garnier: Leaves my skin soft but my T-Line becomes oily after an hour or so.
  • Porefessional primer from Benefit: Covers pores well but makes my skin dry unless my skin gets super oily which doesn't happen all the time.
  • Vitamin Pore Cleanser from Elisha Coy: It just doesn't work! It seems fake.
  • Protective Fluid Foundation S from Paul & Joe: Good foundation but it's too orange, drying my skin and not enough coverage for me. Suitable for super oily skin!
  • Aqua Petit Jelly BB in shade 2 from Holika Holika: I got the wrong shade! Too dark for me!
  • Banana Yogurt Mask wash off from Skinfood: It does what it says but the smell is so strong artificial banana and I hate it..

Any products you regret buying?

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

❤ Haul - May 2013

Hi lovely readers! I'm very sorry I haven't post anything new the last 10+ days! I was taking a one week break from my blog to work on something else (huge surprise!!) but after that I had to start monitoring my kitten because she got spayed and the vet said she would infect her wound if we let her lick it!! She also gave me the collar cone but that made Nana (my kitten) go crazy around the house and almost hurt herself. So, the cone is a no-no. I've decided to stay up all night to look after her (she knows she is not supposed to lick her wound now but she tries to do that in secret!). Mr. Rabbit is helping too, he stayed up last night so I can get some rest. The whole thing is going to last 10 days in total and there has been only two nights so far. I'm gonna be very tired next week because Mr. Rabbit won't be able to help me anymore cause his week off would have end.


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