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My name is Eva. I was born and raised in Greece but currently living somewhere in United Kingdom.  I like blogging about makeup, cute and sometimes games I like to play. Welcome to my blog!

Beauty Profile
Skin Type: Normal with oily T-Line and chin. Dry patches around my eyebrows and nose a.k.a Combination. Turns into full oily in hot temperature.
Skin Colour: Pale with yellow undertones.
Hand skin Type: My hands get dry all the time because I wash them a lot.
Body Skin Type: Normal to Dry, depends on the temperature and humidity.
Hair Colour: Majirel 723 ( I dye my  hair ) Natural Colour is Brown
Eye colour: Dark brown
Eye Crease Type: Low Crease. Double Eyelids.

A short disclaimer about my reviews and the products I use for the reviews!
  • All products mentioned in this blog are not sponsored unless stated otherwise. Sometimes shops provide me with samples or free products to review. My opinions are my own and honest regardless of the product being sponsored or purchased by me.
  • This blog is about sharing my honest opinions and experiences of products, not to promote or defame them.
Contact me at bunnykissconnect@gmail.com if you have any questions and for business enquiries.

Thank you!


  1. Hello! Since you use a lot of Korean cosmetic I was wondering if you could recommend me something good for face washing? My skin is a bit oily in T zone and tends to dry on cheeks if I use anything for oily skin...And it brakes out easily T_T I'm sorry for asking here,I have no idea where to ask that XD


    1. Hi Sophie! No problem with you asking here.

      Sounds like you have Combination skin like me.

      I would recommend AC clinic foam cleanser from Etude House. I use it everyday and it's not drying but you always have to moisturise after washing though. Moistfull Collagen Cream (might break you out) is good but not for everyday use for me. I haven't came across to any really good korean moisturizer for combination skin and even the one from Body Shop (Seaweed mattifying daycream) can't moisturise my dry patches enough. Having combo skin is difficult :/

      It's usually better to moisturise before you sleep and use mattifying products in the morning. So a moisturising cleanser I like, is Strawberry Latte cleanser from Missha. Good luck!


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