Tuesday, December 3, 2013

[Review] Etude House Bling Bling Eyes Stick(s) Orange Fox Star, Pink Supernova, Golden Tail Star, Ivory Baby Star

I hope everyone is having a great week and Happy December. Christmas is getting closer and there is only 22 days left to enter my Blogversary giveaway HERE!

I'm excited to talk about these gorgeous eye sticks! 

Bling Bling Eye stick from Etude House comes in six different shades but I only have four of them! Once I saw them, I couldn't resist not to order them!

The theme is Space because the finish is very shiny and sparkly! Really fits the name and theme!
I really think that if I didn't have any other eyeshadows, I would be happy enough with these babies.

Bling Bling Eye Stick shades:
  • White Meteor
  • Pink Supernova/Pink Rise Star
  • Orange Fox Star
  • Ivory Baby Star
  • Gold Tail Star
  • Baby Bear Star
Official Etude House Image

Orange Fox Star, Pink Supernova

Golden Tail Star, Ivory Baby Star
They are pretty much eyeshadow sticks so a bit harsh if you slide it along your eyelid with pressure. So be very careful when you apply them, it can really hurt your eye. Light movements will also do the job.

Moisturizing, sparkly and easy to blend. Suitable for upper lid and on bottom lid application to achieve the sparkly puffy eyes look.
Official Etude House Image

The only problem I have is my eyelids are oily so definitely  need to use eyeshadow primer.

MY RATING is 4 out of 5 because the long lasting only works on maybe dry eyelids.

Definately a "must try"eyeshadow though!


  1. I love Ivory! It have a really cute shade and I always use in my under lashes ;)

  2. Waah I love the colors ( ´∀`)☆ Cute!!

    Mickey // http://spookypastel.blogspot.com/

  3. I love golden tail star! The color is so so pretty *-* Do the crease after a few hours? I really wanted to buy them a few weeks back and now I really want to buy them again haha xD They need to have a good taying power for school tho~ Anways, thanks for your reviews :>

    1. It does crease on me, mostly because my eyelids are oily :)

    2. I think this isn't something for me then, my lids are super oily too :<

    3. I use eyeshadow primer and it works well though ^^

  4. Gorgeous! I especially like Pink Supernova... I don't think I have a color like that in my collection!

  5. Eyesticks are amazinnggggg~ I have so many from NYX. <3
    These look so shimmery and light! Love the Pink Supernova one~
    Thank you for the review! <3


  6. i ahve the ivory baby, and loves to use it to my waterline or inner corner of my eyes =)
    wanted to trying the other color after read your review :D

  7. Lovely. :3 I liked the other bling sticks, but these are so much more opaque.

  8. looks very pigmented. would love to try it later.


  9. I really like these eyeshadow sticks - they look super pigmented and pretty! My favourite colour would be the ivory one hehe.

    Now following you on GFC! Follow me back maybe? x

  10. Aughh, these are so pretty! *o* <3

  11. The colors are so pretty :)
    Would definitely be good for short time make up :D


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