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|Etude House| Wonder Pore Clay Clear and Freshner Review!

Wonder Pore Clay Clear

The Wonder Pore Clay Clear by Etude House packaging looks like this and it comes with its own spatula for easy application.

However, I used five samples of this product kindly given by D.I.O mall from ebay.

After 5 uses of this product I decided to write a review. Etude recommends to use this mask after you cleanse your face with Wonder Pore Whipping Foaming Cleanser using its brush. Since I don't have that I used the Peel So Good Diamond peel cleanser which is by Etude House as well.

Wonder Pore Clay Clear Mask have 7 abilities in 1
  1. Deep Cleanses Pores
  2. Maintain ph 4.5+1
  3. Control a Large amount of the sebum
  4. Minimize appearance of pores
  5. Refine the skin tones
  6. Keep elasticity of pores
  7. Moisturize inside and outside skin

How to Use: After cleansing your face apply the mask with the spatula that comes with it. Avoid mouth and eye area. Leave it for 15-20 minutes. Then rinse it off with plenty of water. In my case I didn't use the spatula.

It started off looking like this

At first it looks like a soft clay that you can easily apply on your face.

After 20 minutes
It turns into hard clay that doesn't let your face move at all after a few minutes.

After I rinsed it off my pores looked clean but it doesn't stay for long! I recommend this product to people like me, with huge pores all over their face but it really takes time and more products to get your pores disappear. But my pores did get smaller.

I finished off my pore elimination mission with the Wonder Pore Freshner Toner

Etude recommends this for the last step or the step before moisturizing cream. You use it like all the other toners. Dispense on cotton pad and then pat pat all over the face. Or you can just poor it on a Sheet Mask like I did.

I left it on for 15 minutes. The results were very good. Apart from the tip of my nose which was left out of the mask the whole time, lol. Even after my pores got cleansed the second time they didn't disappear. Because these products need months of use before they make your pores to actually disappear. But they do get cleaned and smaller in the process.


Bottom line is these two products are amazing and they really cleanse your face, but you will need to use a moisturizer after use. Even though my skin is not dry and I have a very oily T-Line I do need to moisturize my face every time I use Wonder Pore products.

So, things I love about Wonder Pore Clay Clear:
  • Deep cleanses the face
  • It makes a difference after 5 uses (my pores got smaller)
Things I love about Wonder Pore Freshner
  • It makes my face feel fresh
  • Cleanse the pores (it cleanses my pores more than any other toner)
  • Makes my pores get firmer (that's if they are very clean)

Disclaimer: The Wonder Pore Clay Clear Samples have been given by Mr Zino Park but I bought the Wonder Pore Freshner myself. This Review is not Sponsored and these are my honest opinions.

Thank you for reading! Feel free to post any thoughts via comments!

-Eva Nyah


  1. Thanks for reviewing. What sheet mask did you use?

    1. I used a plain compressed one that it folds out if you put liquid on it :) You can find them on ebay. Just search for paper mask or something.

  2. I would really love if you do an entry with your skincare routine because i'm trying to make my own for the very firts time and i dont know how to start it and it´s a little confusing for me ^^UUUU
    Thank you very much for the review and for read me!(^v^)

    1. It's in my plans! I'm going to post about it and make videos (^_^)

  3. I have the wonder pore freshner and I love it because it doesn't dry my skin at all!
    After read your review I'd like to try this mask =)
    Thanks for the review =)

    1. No problem! I want to buy this mask as well lol! but I haven't got the chance -.-;)

  4. I've tried the modelling clear one from EH's WonderPore Lines. But it breaks me out.
    Now, I'm trying the freshner. So far so good.


  5. so this product really work to smaller pore >_< im going to try >_<

    visit my blog ^^

  6. Both of them yes :) Especially the clay ^^)

  7. i really want to try thisss!!!
    nice review eva :)

  8. How many days per week should you do that? do you have to do it everyday?

  9. where did you buy the wonder pore and the sheet mask? what's the name of the sheet mask? ^^

    1. you can find the wonder pore on cosmetic-love website and I bought the sheet mask from ebay just do a search "paper sheet mask" on ebay and you'll find a few ^^

  10. I have this toner and I like it! But as I use other toners (I don't use the wonder pore every time), I see few results, but it doesn't dry my skin at all!

  11. I would like to know the pricing for Wonder Pore Clay Clear Mask please? Thank you~~ =)

  12. Hi!

    I've just read your review on Etude House's Wonder Pore Freshner and Skin Mal:gem Fresh. Which one do you like better? I'm tossing up between these two still.

    Thanks for the reviews! :)

    1. Thank you ^^ If you have open pores I suggest the wonder pore freshner but if you don't have problem with pores but oily skin then mal:gem fresh will do ^^


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