Wednesday, January 30, 2013

☆ My Evening Skincare Routine (Anti-blemish, Anti-wrinkle, Moisture)

Hi everyone! I'm back with my Evening skincare routine post! Click here to read about my Morning Skincare routine!

My skin is normal to dry with oily T-Line and dry patches around my noise and on my eyebrows.

☆ My Morning Skincare Routine (Anti-blackhead, anti-blemish, Moisture)

Hello Ladies~! Today I decided to write about my skincare routines! Click here for my Evening skincare Routine. Starting off with my morning routine now ^^

Before I start telling you the products I use, I want to state that my skin is normal to dry with oily T-Line and dry patches around my nose and sometimes on my eyebrows. Also I was in Greece for summer (very hot during the summer) and now I live in Ireland which is very cold during the winter. Meaning my skin turned from normal/combo to normal/combo with dry patches. Something I shouldn't forget to mention is blackheads on my T-line and sometimes I get break outs.

Monday, January 28, 2013

❥ Accessorize Haul January 2013

Hello everyone! A few weeks ago I visited Accessorize shop in Belfast and they had 70% sale off on some of their products! Everything was so cheap. I wanted to buy earrings but my ears piercing has healed. I'm actually thinking of going to pierce my ears again haha! There so many cute earrings at Accessorize and Claire's lately.

I got these two necklaces, the chains are short style. You can adjust the size but it's the short style necklaces.

My favorite piece I got is the heart ring! I really like huge cute rings (with no stones of course).

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

❥ The Body Shop Haul January 2013

Another Body Shop haul! The Body shop UK still has 40% and 70% sales on and I couldn't resist! Seeing that Vitamin C moisturizer is good for my skin and doesn't really makes my skin oily, I had to get the exfoliator and serum added to my skincare. Vitamin E gentle face wash is an old favorite. I remember my old  skincare routine. I used to use the Vitamin E wash after I exfolited my face. 

I fell in love with the Vanilla Bliss scent! In my previous hauls I bought the mist and body polish! This time I got the body butter and bath crystals ^^! And I ofcourse I didn't forget to restock on my favorite body butter: Chocomania.

So here is the list of the things I hauled:
  • Vitamin C Skin Reviver
  • Vitamin C Microdermabrasion
  • Vitamin E Gentle Facial wash
  • Vanilla Bliss Bath Crystals
  • Vanilla Bliss Body Butter
  • Chocomania Body Butter
Than you for visiting! Don't forget to request reviews (^__^)

-Eva Nyah

Monday, January 14, 2013

|Missha| Good-bye Crease Eye Makeup Primer no. 1 Clear Review

Hi Girls! I hope you like the new look of my blog! I made all the graphics myself ^^;

I'm here reviewing the Missha eye primer which has been requested on my Christmas Haul posts that you can find Here and Here!

Starting with the packaging - I love it! It looks luxurious and feminine. Maybe a bit plain but I like that.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

|Hello Kitty| Betz Believe, Baby Doll and Keep it Real Lipsticks Review

Hullo Ladies~~~I'm here with a lipstick review this time! Taking a break before I start reviewing foundations and BB creams again but also my next review will be one of the requested from my Christmas Hauls!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

❥ Boxing Day Sales Mini Body Shop Haul!

Hi girls! This is a small haul from The Body Shop uk website on boxing day while they had their big sale on. I thought I would share with you ^^) Tell me what you think! I also made a video of the products and I'm gonna be making videos of the products I review and share so you can see the product better ^^) Do you think this is a good idea? Share your thought on comments!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

|Etude House| Face Designing Brightener Sleek and Dolly Face Review

Happy New Year Everyone~~!! I hope everybody had a fun New Year's Eve and Day (^_^)/
The first post on my blog will be about two Etude House products that I've recently purchased!! Of course Etude House will open the new year with a Review on my blog!!

Highlighter and shimmer are my favorite two things about makeup! I really love highlighters, I think they can make my face look glam and cute ^^) I couldn't decide between Sleek Face and Dolly Face so I got both of them! I didn't know they are more colours until recently. I think they are five different colours all together.


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