Tuesday, October 8, 2013

[Review] Etude House Rosy Tint Lips in Before Blossom

Happy October and week everyone! I finally got to prepare and write this review that I had postponed because of a recent acne breakout!! It all turned out well and my face is 90% back to normal haha. I couldn't even take a photo of my lips.
I'm sure many of you are excited and curious (for those who haven't tried this line yet) about the new line from Etude House for Autumn 2013, Rose! This time I decided to try a red shade. I don't usually pick red shades because I don't rock the look anymore but I just couldn't resist to this really lovely shade, Before Blossom. It really sounds romantic, doesn't it?

On the right side of the box it has the line quote and three different Tips for three different looks:

"With a tinge of red, she blossoms like a rose in full bloom, The story of her and the rose, & Rose---"

Tip 1: Delicate Petal Lip Gradation: Dab a certain amount onto center of upper and lower lips and use tip to evenly spread.

Tip 2: Rose in Full Bloom Lip Cover: Smoothly glide onto lips, starting from the inner to the outer direction.

Tip 3: Soft Petal Cheeks: Dispense a certain amount and dab lightly onto both cheeks, blending quickly with both fingers.

In my experience with this products gliding from one side to another isn't very gentle for the lips because the tip is fluffy and dry. It felt like I used a cotton  bud on my lips.

I have to squeeze the bottle for some of the creamy lip tint to come out and I have to keep it squeezed while applying it on my lips or else it goes back in. Like I stated above the tip is fluffy and it feels like cotton. It doesn't slide at all because the tint itself is thick and has matte finish. Or at least it contains very little oil in it, just enough to be absorbed by the lips and give you a matte finish. However, it doesn't dry my lips which is super good!
Before Blossom is absolutely a gorgeous colour! I squeezed out a bit too much for this swatch. But it's obvious how thick the consistency of this tint is.
It's highly pigmented but it's still a tint so you can't really get that "thick" lipstick look like on the promo photos! I'm not sure how it would look with lip pencil though. The edges of my lips were a bit messy without using a lip brush. My advice is to dispense some amount on your hand or plastic container if you don't want your hand to have a red tint for the rest of the week, and use lip brush to achieve the full lips look because it's too messy with just the fluffy sponge. 

However, Rosy tint lips in Before Blossom doesn't really stay on the lips at all. It would leave a red tint on my hand but not on my lips. It just goes away with every touch, like lick your lips, drink, eat and pretty much anything. It's a bit frustrating for colours like this because you really make stains here and there.
Unfortunately the only thing I like about this product is the packaging and shade. I would only recommend this product for the Gradation Look or else "Bitten Lips" look. It's the same thing with the Cupcake all-over color again. It looks great on promo photos but it's actually different in real life. I'm a huge fan of Etude's skincare products, BB cream and lip products but a few of their new products are "hit and miss". In other words I have found a few products from the Sweet Recipe line and Rose's Before Blossom tint that I don't really believe they worth the hype. Then again it's all a matter of preference. 

For those that haven't been following my blog for very long, I have so many Etude favorite products that I really love. You can find a few of the reviews here: Jelly Lips-talk in JPK003  O2 Bubble Peeling Nutrifull Shea Butter


Because it doesn't have strong stain power on the lips, the sponge is only really good for tapping, it's messy on the edges of the lips, it leaves stains everywhere but I really LOVE the shade!


  1. It's a shame it didn't have a better staying time for you. I've found I can get reasonable wear time, but they do dry my lips out a little.

    1. Do you have the same shade? or which shades do you have? ^^ I think the natural shades of this line would be better :<

  2. Hmm, the staying power definitely is a shame. On the other hand, these are super duper pigmented and pretty, "Before blossom" was one of my favourite colours from looking at the promo picks! I love how the tip is cotton-y, hehe. *u* Thank you for the review!

  3. This method of application seems really weird. I don't know why they didn't make the packaging the way lip glosses are made. How does that look on cheeks? Since it's so matte and creamy it looks like a great blush.

    1. I'm not going to try it on my cheeks because if i accidently touch them it will go all over the place :P

  4. The staying power isn't good but the color is just absolutely gorgeous and I love the application tip *Q* I like it a lot, I was actually thinking about buying this because of other bloggers recommending this :33 Thanks for your review :3

    1. It's realy good for the bitten lips effect ^^

  5. The color look pretty, but too bad it don't stay so well... The gradient lips is so popular now a days!


  6. I never wear red lips, but Before Blossom is seriously calling my name.


  7. This seems like it would be perfect for gradient lips, because the spongey applicator would be great for making the stained parts of your lip seem less harsh. But yeah, I can see how it would be a pain to use by itself. Looks like it feathers something fierce too.

  8. Thanks for this review, Eva! I've also tried this product and I must agree with you that it's not very good. I love the shade but I don't like the packaging. It's so hard to squeeze out the product and you have to keep squeezing it when applying.

  9. I got mine, too, and I don't like this application sponge either....But I like the color pay-off :)

  10. I was ultra disappointed with the color pop tints and this isn't sounding very promising anymore...if I don't like mine when I receive them I'll probably stop buying Etude House lip tints as well. I feel that their strengths lie elsewhere too... >....> thanks for the honest review! It's refreshing when other bloggers post their honest opinions and not try to optimize every product.

    1. It's weird because I really like the Cherry lip tint and the Jelly lips-talk one. Looks like their new formulas aren't really that good. Thank you for reading ^_^

  11. they look so matte! :p

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  13. I had quite high hopes for these new lip colours but the reviews I've read haven't been too favourable! The shades seem really pretty though and I'd still like to give one or two a go.
    Thanks for sharing :)


  14. The colours looks beautiful, too bad the quality doesn't live up to the hype of the product :(
    Luckily I'm a fan of the gradation lips rather than the opaque lip look ><
    Thanks for the review C:


  15. it's so pretty! I really need to get it!

    I'm a new follower ^^


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  17. Great review :D love ur lips so ulzzang <3 followed ya via Bloglovin and g+ i am already a follower via gfc :P
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  18. The packaging is still to die for hehe~
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