Monday, January 6, 2014

Missha The Style Lucid Nail Polish No.4

Happy 2014 and I hope everyone had great holidays!! For me it was with family and shopping! I might post my Christmas presents haul soon!

First post of this year is a nail polish from Missha. This is the first time I "review" nail polish and I'm pretty excited about it!

I really like sparkly glittery nail polish, Lucid Nail Polish by Missha is one of the few that can give you the gradation effect nicely.

Because of the multiple layers needed for the gradation effect, most of the glittery nail polish would have the last layer really thick but Lucid nail from Missha still maintains a relatively thin layer.

...And for those that don't like the gradation look, I have a sample of two layers for a very glamorous style. Either way, It works really well.

Wide brush for easy application, at least for me.

Cute shape of heart! Even though it doesn't look very girly and cute like other Korean brands, Missha managed to give this nail polish a cute feminine bottle which I love >o< Besides I'm turning 28 this year, I think Missha is aimed more for my age than Etude house haha...

If you are wondering about the lasting power of this nail polish, I always apply a shiny and thick top coat which helps it last for days but I wash the dishes everyday and wash my hands quite regularly.

I overall really really like this nail polish and I would recommend it to all my friends and even enemies :0

MY RATING 5 out of 5

Because It's a nice colour, long lasting and ideal for the gradation effect!

This product was provided to me by for review purposes. However, my opinions are my own and true. Read more at Blog Information Page.


  1. I bought this in the blue and red version!Love this polish ^^ A little hard to take off though ^^;; xoxo

    1. I have noticed this problem with most of the glittery nail polish :<

  2. I really love heart shape!! Missha polishes not so good but I couldn't resist glitter polishes! :)

  3. I loooove Missha polishes! They are one of my favorite brands in general! ^_^

  4. These glitters are so nicely colored! I have to say, these would be beautiful with a black base coat. <3
    Thank you for reviewing!

  5. the most major thing i LOVE about missha polises is the brush. it seriously spreads polish like no other and makes it go on so evenly. this is a great color!
    A Beautiful Zen

  6. waahhh i'm interest to try, nail polis look cute, i love that color,
    Nice post bytheway :)


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