Monday, November 19, 2012

|The Body Shop| Born Lippy Watermelon Review

Hi everyone! I've been using new skincare products and BB cream but I still need some more time before I review them so I decided to review this lip balm by Body Shop. I also have the rest of the flavors but I'm going to open the next only after I finish this one.

Born Lippy is a 15 ml inexpensive lip balm from Body shop. Costs only 2 British pounds in the United Kingdom.

Product description taken from the Body Shop website:

Our cult lip balm in a pot. Gives colour, flavour and moisture for more kissable lips.

  • Moisturises and conditions lips
  • Soft pink tint
  • Shine Finish
  • Fruity Watermelon flavour

Product description by me: It has oily and creamy texture. Soft consistency, not sticky on the lips, keeps my lips moisturised but not for very long ( need to be reapplied frequently ) and this specific one is very sheer. Gives a nice juicy look on the lips as well. The smell is a not so bold but not artificial either. I don't mind it at all which is good because I feel weird with fruity artificial scents. I prefer dessert scent on cosmetics. This scent is not bad though I 'm sure it would smell better to a person who specifically likes fruity scents.

Very soft and creamy consistency so you can easily scoop some with a lip brush. I wouldn't recommend fingers because they leave germs behind. I would imagine this would be a lot softer on warm weather.

Sheer pink tint and glossy finish on the lips. My favorite combination! But need to be reapplied to maintain gloss and moisture!

Here is the ingredient list. As we all know Body Shop never use parabens. 

To me this lip balm is average. Not so great but still good. I've tried better lip butters/balms in my life but I think this one has the simpliest ingredient list lol. I'm going to continue using it because it moisturises my lips but I probably wouldn't repurchase because I have other flavors of the same line.

I'll give this product 


  1. It looks tasty! I love fruity stuff and The Body Shop ^_^

    1. I always liked Body shop, I've had a few foundations from them too lol. It's beena ages since I got foundation from them though o.O) I only buy butters from body shop lately.

  2. looks so adorable :)


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