Sunday, November 4, 2012

I have to wait two weeks for the internet on the new house!

Hi ladies! As some of you may know I'm moving to a new house in the U.K specifically Northern Ireland. I'm leaving in a couple of days. 

I packed everything so I won't be able to review any of my stuff now, I'm sorry I didn't organize it so I could still write some new reviews. All the stress and preparation made me forget. 

So the new broadband is gonna be ready in approx. two weeks from yesterday. Unfortunately I won't be able to write on blog or make videos but I have a huge list of the upcoming reviews and videos in my agenda. I'm also going to change some things for example: better photography and better videos.
Going to prepare some reviews and videos while waiting for the broadband. I'm going to be able to be on twitter, facebook, messenger and stuff on my phone though. Going to get free unlimited Internet on my phone for a whole month. I'm going to be posting on twitter and instagram the most. If you want to follow my updates my twitter is @evanyah and instagram is sugarpinkglitter. For anything else I have the links all over my blog. Before I forget I also have snapeee and the name is Miss Tangerine.

I'm also going to be replying on comments here on my blog and of course e-mails.

I hope you understand and wait for me to write more reviews! It's only a couple of weeks maybe less after all!

Thank you for your support~!



  1. Oh that sucks!! I look forward to your return, I hope the move goes smoothly!

    1. Thank you ^^) Hopefully it take less than two weeks ^^:

  2. I will wait anxiously for your return ^^ i really LOVE your reviews Eva so I'll be here when you get back to posting ^^
    I hope you go well with your move! Take care!n.n/

    1. Thank you <3 I really appreciate your support! I'll go back to posting reviews as soon as I can (^_^)


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