Wednesday, September 18, 2013

BEST! Garnier Simply Essentials Soothing 2 in 1 Make-up Remover

Simply Essentials Soothing 2 in 1 make-up remover from Garnier is the best product I've ever tried but not just because it removed all makeup and it's gentle to my eyes! It's also because it pretty much fixed my problem with absorbing!

As you may have noticed or heard me complaining, I had huge problem with absorbing. I spent the whole summer with a sticky oily face and most of the products I've tried didn't work well enough. I knew my problem was product absorption.. My face just didn't want to absorb any product.

I randomly picked this make-up removing oil from the local super market because I ran out of my L'oreal eye and lips makeup remover and I couldn't find it anywhere on the shelves! After I removed my BB cream and all with it, I noticed that the products I used after facewash (of course) got absorbed very fast. So, I applied more and more (my whole skincare routine). I don't know which ingredient does the job but every time I use this oil, my face absorbs all products for the next 4-5 days! I usually reuse it just to make sure haha!
Ingredients as seen on the back of the bottle: Aqua / water, Cyclopentasloxane, Isohexadecane, Isopropyl, Palmitate, Panthenol, Rose Centifolia / Flower Water, Dipotassium Phosphate, Poloxamer 184, Polyaminopropyl Biguanide, Potassium Phosphate, Sodium Chloride, CI 61565 / Green 6


How to use: Shake bottle well then dispense on cotton pad and wipe your face and eyes (gently on the eyes!!)

It's pretty effective at removing everything including my Maybelline The Falsies waterproof Mascara apart from BB cream, I think it needs a boost for that. Doesn't irritate my eyes either!

I feel my pores get cleansed as I wipe my face with it. That is, if I haven't got any BB cream or foundation on. It's really good at removing dirt as well, you don't want to see the cotton pad after I use it :P I always wash my face after every use though.

This product made my skin absorb products like the VB effector from It's Skin which I had problems with and I wrote a not-so-good review about it! It seems that serum works great on my skin now!


Because it fixed my problem with absorbing and works great as make-up remover!

Have you ever tried this product? Do you have problems with absorption?


  1. I never tried this product but I will use this when my current one is all used. My current one isn't that good so I'm looking forward in trying this :D I don't know if it's available here tho T^T But Thanks for the review~! ^-^*

    Mindy ♥

  2. Wow that sounds awesome! I going to try it thank you for Sharing!

  3. I've heard some great things about this product! Also it's cheap! I've been trying to use up my Bioderma on my eye makeup but it's not very good in that department. I will definitely be trying out a cheaper alternative next time.

    Beauty Challenged


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