Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mootta - South Korean Fashion and Makeup online shop!

Hi ladies! If you are looking to buy more than Korean cosmetics, I think Mootta will be one of the online shops that will give you the joy of experiencing their fashion as well!

Mootta means "to ask" in Korean. I personally think the name is very suitable because we are asking for more Korean products, so we can go to MOOTTA for our fix!

Their fashion and accessory variety is huge! But they also have a big variety of makeup and skincare from the brands we all know and love.

Mootta is a company based in Seoul that their goal is to share Korean products with the rest of the world. Their selection of merchandise based on hot trends seen around their capital city. There is a also a big selection of styles, seeing that Korean women's style isn't limited and boring!

I personally haven't ordered anything from them yet but I'm planning to do so in the future and I'm actually looking forward to it because I love Korean fashion!

Stay tuned for a nice surprise from Mootta next week!

Have you ever shopped from them?

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