Thursday, December 12, 2013

[Review] It's Skin Babyface Petit Blusher in 03 Romantic Rose & 04 Sweet Peach

Hello girls and boys. I'm here with these cute faces or else.. blushers. "It's Skin"'s Petit Blushers are indeed small and easy to carry in your handbag!

Not so long ago, It's Skin released the Babyface line. All products have this cute face on the packaging and the size is always smaller than usual. I believe it was aimed for teenage girls.

Like most of the Korean brands blushers, it contains a very soft fluffy and cute puff, for application on the go. I personally prefer the puff because it transfers a lot more product than a blush brush. I like my blush to be vivid! Unless it's a shade like Sweet Peach which it's really subtle and it's for nude look or highlighting (depending on your skintone).

03 Romantic Rose
Babyface Petit Blusher 03 Romantic Rose, it's a hot pink blush with a bit of sparkle. It contains glitter but the finish isn't shimmery or metallic. You need to be careful when you apply this because it's very pigmented. It's buildable so the strength of the colour is adjustable!
04 Sweet Peach
Sweet Peach finish on the other hand, is matte. Close to natural colour and can be used as a highlighter. I personally use it for nude looks or if my eyeshadow is too dark. I avoid dark eyeshadows with vivid colour blush. It can be great for everyday use when you are at school or work. It can also be mixed with other blushers to create a more personal shade.
Top: Sweet Peach, Bottom: Romantic Rose
I'm overall happy with both of these blushers and they can last for hours. These are the main blushers I use. I'm planning on ordering the other two colours: Lovely Pink and Pure Lavender to complete the set. They are also very affordable!

MY RATING is 5 out of 5 (for both of them)

Because the staying power is good, small size to carry in your handbag/makeup pouch, super cute packaging and lovely colours.

Have you tried any of the Babyface Petit Blushers? Tell me your all-time favorite blush!

Updated: Size comparison with the Cookie blusher in Apricot Pudding from Etude House.


  1. The packaging is so cute! Thanks for the review! XD

  2. The packaging is incredibly cute, but also a bit cheap in a way. Nevertheless, it fits the name "babyface" and "petit", so no complains there. I'm surprised to hear that they are long lasting, because to tell you the truth, I didn't expect that at all. The colors are pretty indeed, Romantic Rose looks lovely. <3 I have never tried out these blushes before, but they do piqued my interest. My all time favorite blusher would be from Majolica Majorca Cheek Customize OR211, I'm currently on my second one. :)

    1. Thank you for reading! I was surprised about the long lasting too hehe.

  3. wow ~ the packaging is too cute! Romantic Rose is such a beautiful colour *-*
    Thank you for the review!

  4. The packaging is so adorable. reminds me of Etude's blushers. The colors are so nice too :D

  5. Eeeeee so cute! Where did you purchase these from?

  6. thanks, Eva. wow, the pink one is so pigmented, very beautiful.

  7. The blushing faces on the packaging looks really cute.

  8. Aww the package is so cute *-* I really wanna try the pink one! The color is so cute and they seem to be awesome quality too, Thanks for this nice review ^ u ^

  9. Gret review~! These blushers remind me of the ones from Etude House :> And the face printed in the cap really looks similar to the coaster that I've got recently. Please visit my blog too ♥

  10. These blushes are super cute! :)
    Love the coral color!
    I might try this, thank you for the review ;)

  11. Lovely products! :D And so cute!
    I like to use by foundation sponge to apply blush because I feel that it gives a very natural, but also pigmented finish! ^_^
    Thanks for the lovely review!

  12. I've seen these all over the place! The temptation to get them was so great, but I managed to not click the checkout button. LOOL
    I heard they were super tiny, so I decided against it. However, after seeing how beautiful that pink shade is, I starting to reconsider again.

    Thank you for reviewing! <3

    1. They aren't that smaller than the cookie blusher from etude ^^ I'm gonna update with a pic :) Thank you ^^

  13. we were instantly won over by the adorable packaging. The colours that the blushes come in are gorgeous too, and we love how you get the puffer to apply the product, great post!

  14. It is so adorable! This collection of It's skin, though they targeted for younger girls, it is still so cute!

  15. The packaging is so cute and looks lovely swatched on. I want this :3

  16. Hi :)
    This is my first time hearing about this product, and now you got me thinking about purchasing an item from this store :D Thank you so much for the review! Also, the packaging is so cute!!! Just like your blog ^_^
    Do stop by my blog sometime ^_^

    -Misha |

  17. omg i totally need to get my hands on these~ so cute~ new reader! *:.。. .。.:*・

  18. as usual, there's nothing cuter than asian cosmetic products. here they seem a little chalky but it might be the photo. esp since you rate them so highly i'm very curious about them now :)
    A Beautiful Zen


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