Monday, December 9, 2013

[Review] TonyMoly Catchu Wink Gloss in 04 Happy Coral

Happy Holidays everyone! CatChu Wink Gloss in Happy Coral is today's subject of experiment, haha! A high pigmented semi-opaque lip gloss from TonyMoly for cat lovers!
I say semi-opaque because it's almost opaque. It's a little bit sheer with no sparkles or shimmer which I love!!
One of my favorite colour for lips and cheeks! I'm very in love with Coral shades and that love seems to be lasting for years.

To my surprise, the wand is hot pink which goes really well with the lipgloss colour, in my opinion. The tip is pretty small so very easy to apply on my small lips.

The packaging is the cutest ever. It looks like a toy but believe me, the lipgloss quality is great. TonyMoly is known for their cute packages aimed for adults, not kids.
Super glossy finish = my favorite. The semi-opaque feature is more visible on swatch. It's very reasonable for a lipgloss to be sheer so I'm not going to take this as a con.

My lips are quite pale pinkish paleness haha, so it cancels a lot of the bright Coral shade but it works the best with a coral lipstick underneath. Besides, lipglosses are here to add an extra shine on the lipstick/liptint.

The scent it's a bit strong and it reminds me of cherry candy with a hint of the usual lipgloss smell. I can't really smell it after application on my lips.

The only thing I'm not very happy about is the stickiness. It's a bit sticky.

In Short:
  • Semi-Opaque
  • High Gloss
  • High in Pigmentation
  • No shimmer nor glitter
  • A bit sticky
  • No lasting power (well, it's a lipgloss)
  • Gorgeous colour
  • Super cute packaging
MY RATING is 4 out of 5

Because it's everything I ask from a lipgloss but I don't like the little bit of stickiness. Even a little!

Have you tried any of the lipglosses from this line?

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  1. I love super glossy glosses, as long as they're not too sticky. That colour looks lovely for a 'my lips but better' look.

  2. TonyMoly is growing on me lately so yeah, I'd love to check this out! Plus the colour is nice. Though I wonder how does this look on me. hehe
    Thanks dear for sharing this! :D
    xx, Mira |

  3. the colour looks very pretty and the packaging is also very cute! Too bad that it is even a little bit sticky, I also don't like my glosses sticky!

  4. The packaging is just so cute!! I want one!! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. I love the color on your lips, it looks really natural but I think this color wouldn't look good on me :<
    I actually don't like the packaging and the little stickiness too but this products seems to work nice for you. Thanks for this review tho, Eva ^ u ^

    1. I think it would look better on brown undertone lips ^^ Thank you for visiting <3

  6. Happy Coral is a perfect name for this... the color is so bright and happy! :D Is the stickiness really bad? I think most lip glosses are a little bit sticky, but the ultra-sticky ones are terrible because I always get my hair stuck on them, haha.

  7. yes i've tried the lipstick and lipgloss from catchu line and I like them! ^^

    1. is the lipgloss sticky for you? I've read other reviews and it seems I'm the only one :<

  8. Meh, stickiness! Definitely not a fan of that (Dior's lip glosses are absolutely sticky-hell. ;n; Seriously...).
    Anyways, thank you for the review! I absolutely love the packaging, and I always want to buy these glosses whenever I'm in the Tonymoly store. ;o;

  9. This is so cute! I've nv tried any tony moly lip products before, but this sounds amazing. thanks for the reivew, Eva! (:

    1. You should try atleast one tonymoly product :p they are very good ><

    2. Also thank you for visiting my blog Chermaine ^^

  10. Tony Moly's lip products are always great. *A* I have their lipstain, which I've been loving forever!
    Really not a fan of stickiness. :< My friend got me a Victoria's Secret lipgloss for secret santa last year and it was super sticky. Noooope won't be using that. OTL

    Thank you so much for reviewing this product! <3

  11. This lipgloss has a really pretty color :) It reminds me of the etude house fresh cherry tint :p
    I haven't tried a product from Tonymoly before, might try it in the future: :)


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