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|Etude House| Be Clear Moisturizer Review

Be Clear Moisturizer Review

A cream moisturizer that brightens up and evens up your skin tone. Yes? Yes!

Hi guys I'm sooo excited to write this review. The last four weeks I have been using this moisturizer non-stop everyday and I have been loving it! At first I was hesitating because most of the products that are for skin whitening they make your face look like you have a white tint all over it. But this one just makes your skin look brighter and goes down half a shade in my opinion. It takes a couple of minutes before it really makes your skin look brighter. But it really does what it say at least for me. Also it makes your skintone even with no red parts over time. So even if I wash  my face or don't apply it on for a day my skin will continue to look nice and bright. But once per day application is essential I think.

It's the third step of the Be Clear line. The steps are:
  1. Be Clear Cleansing Foam
  2. Be Clear Skin Toner
  3. Be Clear Moisturizer
I never used the cleansing foam and the skin toner. I always mix and match skin care products. My face has so many different needs. I need something for the red parts, black heads (huge pores), oil and moisture.

It has SPF 30 an essential feature for products you use in the morning. So you can use it as a sunblock lotion as well. And you can apply it before foundation that hasn't got any SPF and still be covered.

The scent it's not bold. Which I love. But it's floral. I'm not good with the smells though!

Directions: After washing the face in the morning , dispense onto hands and apply to facial surface by gently massaging into skin.

Ingredients on the image above. No parabens! Which I LOVE! Oil free! But it has alcohol which personally I don't mind. Glycerin helps the skin to lock moisture. Please note I don't have sensitive skin. This product doesn't cause me break outs.

Preview on my face!

I have been using this cream almost every day. So the before photo is not exactly before I ever used it. It has made some changes on my face since I started using it. But you can still see big difference on the After photo. The After photo was taken a few minutes after the application.

Does it really moisture your skin? Yes it does. But you still need to have a second moisturizer for your night skin care routine. I ran out of mine so I'm thinking of ordering the Moistfull Flower Cream by Etude House. Which I tried and loved.

Would you repurchase this product? Certainly yes! 

Things I love about this product:
  • It brightens up my skin
  • It evens up my skintone
  • Has SPF 30
  • Moisturizes
Things I'm not very happy about:
  • It doesn't slide much while massaging (if that makes any sense)
  • The scent is not my favorite
Sooo Thank you very much for reading and I'm hoping to see your thoughts in the comments below!


Where to buy the Be Clear Moisturizer by Etude House Click Here!

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  1. Do you use a separate moisturizer/lotion/oil for your massage step or do you massage every skincare phase?

    1. I'm supposed to massage my face with this Be Clear Moisturizer but my fingers don't really slide because the cream is kinda thick like sunblock cream. So I don't really massage unless I'm using a massage pact like Moistfull Collagen Massage pact.

  2. Hi, I just visiting your blog! What a lovely blog! Did it makes your face oily? Because I have oily skin and looking for a moisturizer that don't make my face more oily! :D

    1. Hi! Thank you for following me!

      If your skin is super oily I would recommend a cream that doesn't contain any oil. This specific one is not for oily skin and I believe it makes my skin oily sometimes. The only oily skin on my face is the T-zone so it doesn't bother me much if I use skin mal:gem toner Fresh by Etude before I apply the cream.

      They don't usually release products for brightening and oily skin. I would reccomend Moisfull Flower Cream by Etude, it doesn't contain any oil and you can use other products such as a facial cleanser or mask for brightening. I hope it makes sense.

  3. It's totally absorbed by your skin or you feel that it forms a film?

    1. Tottaly absorbed, I really like this product!

    2. Really? I will get one, then =D
      Thanks for review it!!!

  4. is it still available in Etude house? :) Thanks

    1. i cant seem to find it ):
      i think the latest one is their dear girls series~

  5. thanks for sharing. i'll try some samples first if it will suit my skin. :)

    btw, for the blackheads, i can suggest the nose patch from etude house too, the one with the doll cover. there's a review on my site about it. :)

  6. I for the most part Want to buy the less immoderate things yet fear wasting my money. I have used benefit's radical tinted non comedogenic moisturizerfor a spell and was scanning for a sensible elective since its running out. In the wake of examining your study I gained the ave-no brand and was eager to see that it works with everything taken into account as you communicated.


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