Monday, September 10, 2012

|MUA| Undressed Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches!

Makeup Academy Professional a.k.a MUA released this lovely lovely palette. The famous NAKED's palette (by Urban Decay) DUPE! The colours between the MUA Undressed palette and Urban Decay Naked palette are almost exactly the same. If you are looking for a "drugstore" and "not expensive" version of the Naked palette then Undressed is the best choice in my opinion.

Even though this eyeshadows are not the best quality and you need an eyeprimer to keep it on your lids, this palette is an essential for those who love shimmery eyeshadows! The shades are so lovely. My favorite style is silky and shimmery eyeshadow. And this palette gives me that in a good price and size. You can easily carry it in your handbag. I'm not very happy with the matte eyeshadoes though. They are not very visible after application.


~Review on my EYE~

 ~Eyeshadows I used on my eye~

My favorite shades of this palette
The one thing that I'm a Lil bit disappointed about is that it irritates my eye when I wear my contact lenses. This is a huge problem for me because I wear my contact lenses all the time and especially if I have make-up on. But if I put it on without my contact lenses then everything is fine! I'm going to try it with different brand of contact lenses though. Because I like these colours very much <3

But to be honest with all of you I'd prefer the Urban Decay versions of these shades.

So, Thank you for reading and feel free to comment your opinions about this palette or anything else!



  1. I love Urban Decay too! Their pigmentation is outstanding it makes it hard for me to love other eyeshadow brands.

    1. Same here, I have the naked 2 palette and I haven't bought any other eyeshadows since then. Not even the new Etude trio! it ruined me lol! I want to buy the original naked palette though cause the MUA is kinda bad quality.


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