Monday, September 10, 2012

|Etude House| Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk OR204 PK003 RD304 OR206 Review!

Hi lovelies! I finally got the chance to write about these three gorgeous lipsticks by Etude House! The line is called Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk and Etude was promoting them as magic lipsticks that can be used with the KISS NOTE to write the name of the person who you want him to kiss you. Kinda like Death Note but more fun! You can see the lipsticks and swatches above. I hope you like my new style of photo editing~!

The Packaging is super cute! Princessy style which I love (^_^) It's soft pink with a darker pink bow around of the handle side of lipstick! I hope it makes sense.

Some of the colours have different box though. They released a few colours with a special box and the sticker on the bottom of the lipstick is hot pink instead of the usual soft pink. There six of the lipsticks that come in the box with the hot pink heart.

The difference of boxes:

Regular Box

Hot Colour Box

I would have taken a photo of the regular edition myself but I threw away the boxes! Sorry!

The shades with the HOT COLOR sticker next to them are the ones with the special edition box.

Official Etude House Color Chart

Previews on Me! I took photos of me wearing the lipsticks but they are all taken under different lighting. 

Etude House always release fun colour lipsticks. I really like their colours and shades. Very fresh, cute and modern. I'm very in love with these four lipsticks and I can't wait to purchase more in the future. My favorite of these four is the OR204. I also made a video tutorial about Sandara's Park make-up that she wore at the promo photo of the OR204 lipstick.

I would recommend these lipsticks to everybody! <3

Link to my Sandara Park Dear My Inspired Look Make-up Tutorial CLICK HERE!

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  1. nice review i wish i could get every single one of them lols and why did you get the shad or206 and not or205 or or207? just wondeirng why you chose or206=D Also, it would be totally awesome if you checked out my blog and followed me back =D

    1. Hi!! Thank your for visitng and following my blog! Well, I chose OR206 because I wanted this pure tangerine-like colour! Like pure orange!

      Sure, I will go check out your blog now :)

  2. Wow these are really pigmented and pretty! I love them all :)

  3. I'm so in love with this lipsticks!!!(*≧ω≦) I want to buy almost every one of them!!! But i dont have enought money! o(╥﹏╥)o
    But maybe in my next order will buy PK004, RD003 adn maybe one of the OR
    Thank for this review! and btw i have read a lot of review of this lipsticks and i had never noticed that are differents boxes xDUUU

  4. Nice review! I like all colors, they are so beautiful and not dark.

  5. Every color suits you so well! gotta love Etude House.

  6. Wow, I seriously want all of these, in all of these colors now! ♡


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