Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October Beauty Favorites 2012

Another month came to an end! Another time that I couldn't make a video about my Monthly favorites, so here I am blogging about it! After a lot of thinking I decided to include the most used products of this October.

The list includes:
  • Precious Mineral Bright Fit BB cream by Etude House
  • Persephone Body Milk by Fresh Line
  • Dear My Milky Gloss MBE102 by Etude House
  • Jewel-Light Waterproof eyeliner 01 by Holika Holika
  • Line Nuance Duo 5 by Etude House
  • Skin mal:gem Fresh Toner by Etude House
  • Face Color 16 by Paul & Joe
1. Jewel-light 01 2. Line nuance Duo #5 3. MBE102 Milky Gloss 4. Face color 16

Precious Mineral Bright Fit BB cream by Etude House: Not too matte but not too glossy finish. It's something in the middle and I love that very very much. Medium to high coverage (very good for BB cream) and it doesn't have a sticky feeling that some say about BB creams. I decided to include this because I'm almost out and I'm not gonna take it with me to the new house because I  have so many things to move from Greece to the UK after all. I'll probably repurchase it but I'm thinking of trying the Sun BB cream by Etude House.

Persephone Body Milk by Fresh Line: I was looking for a pure body milk because Autumn made my skin dry. I'm happy that I discovered this body milk because it does its job very well. It's pink includes Ylang-Ylang and Jasmine Aroma/Scent. I must say the scent is very strong and it reminds me of Paganistic rituals! But more something like Wicca. It's weird eh? Like a Wicca ritual for spring even though I never attended one lol. Nor I'm a wicca but I did a lot of research about them when I was a teenager.

Dear My Milky Gloss shade MBE102 by Etude House: I'm so in love with this lipgloss! It gives me a natural colour on the lips but also makes them look very creamy like Caramel Cream. I think this is the best nude lipgloss I've ever tried. It can be worn by itself because of the pigment. It leaves a sticky feeling at the beggining but it stops being sticky after a few minutes. No glitter, no shimmer just what I like on lipgloss! It has a soft scent, something between fruit and candy. I can't tell exactly! But I like it cause it's soft.

Skin mal:gem Fresh Toner by Etude House: My face got into a big shock of dryness after Autumn arrived! I had to use whatever moisturizer came across, good thing I  had a lot of samples because Be Clear Moisturizer and Super Aqua creams weren't enough. Most of my products are for oily/combo skin type. I have oily T-Line and the rest normal. But I needed high moisture all of the sudden. So I picked to use this toner two times per day instead of using the Pore ever freshner in the mornings because Skin mal:gem Fresh gives more moisture to the skin. Cleanses deeper and gives a fresh feeling. I really loved this, I almost finished it!

1. Jewel-light Waterproof Eyeliner 01 by Holika Holika  2. Line Nuance Duo #5 by Etude House
Jewel-light Waterproof Eyeliner 01 by Holika Holika: Your average creamy black eyeliner but it's waterproof. Easy to apply if nothing is worn as a base. I also made a video review about this on youtube.

Line Nuance Duo #5 by Etude House: I actually used the silver glittery side of this. It's a powder silvery eyeshadow on the other end of the pencil. I used it on the inner half of my bottom eyelash line. I wanted to give my eyes a K-pop look!

Face Color 16 by Paul & Joe: And last but not least, my all-time favorite blush. Shimmery and semi-creamy powder blush. It has pinkish peach blush on one side and shimmery soft bronzer on the other. You can use them separately but I like to mix them to get a natural peachy colour! I like the shimmer in blushers. High pigment but not like water colour blush... You know sometimes you get high pigmented blushes that leave stains on your face like you applied water colours.. This blush isn't like that but it maintains a high pigment at the same time.

Soo these are my favorites for October 2012 - I hope you like my post!
Thank you for reading and feel free to comment your beauty favorites below!

-Eva Nyah


  1. the face color packaging is so cuteeee >.<

  2. I love that lipgloss! I'll have to try that. I am also starting to notice the effects of dryness, so maybe I should pick up the skin malgem too, usually my products are all AC/exfoliating for my acne but now my skin is thirsty (:

    1. My suggestion is to get mal:gem Moist because it's more moisturizing from Fresh and not ask much as the Deep Moist. I would have bought Moist if i could! But I had the Fresh from months ago xx


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