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|Holika Holika| Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream in Shade 2 - Review

Hi guys! I've decided to make this month BB/foundation Month so I'm gonna be reviewing whichever BB cream and foundation I own! I'm gonna start with a recent addition to my collection: Aqua Petit Jelly BB by Holika Holika. I chose shade two and I'm starting to regret because it makes my face just a little bit darker if I top it up with second layer I guess... I was afraid that my face will look super white if I purchased shade one.

I chose today for reviewing because I have some spots going on and I wanted to show you how this BB cream works on troubled skin. I prefer to use it while there are no spots or pimples on my face but today I made exception so you girls can see!

Aqua petit jelly has light coverage but the coverage doubles up if you apply another thin layer on top. Matte finish but it becomes shiny and dewy after half an hour or so and my T-Line goes oily after a couple of hours. If you have oily skin I recommend the use of mist (for oily skin) after application. It really makes a difference!

It has that spatula for application which is very handy. I prefer it from squeezing some product on my fingers then apply on my face.

It came with a sponge! (I'm sorry it looks used and gross!)

The texture and consistency is pretty much like Jelly! It really feels good while applying on skin! I love it!!

Aqua stands for water so this is a water-based BB cream. My favorite kind! No oils and lots of moisture!

Now I'm going to show you the product on my face. If I look a little bit annoyed is because I don't like the sun shining on my eyes! My eyes really hurt under the sun. Also the sun here is extra bright for some reason. Even though it's cold!

After the first layer of this BB cream there is almost no coverage apart from the colour even up (it really covers red parts and discolouration) but after another thin layer on top it goes to medium coverage but it can look a bit cakey so be careful! I haven't used any pore primer for these photos. Every time I used the Pore ever essence by Etude House it doesn't mix well with Aqua petit Jelly so it was going off with one touch. I don't have any other pore primer yet but I've ordered a different kind and brand and I might update this post! 

My face has been better than this and Aqua Petit Jelly worked better but I wanted to show it to you on my troubled skin. It really looks great on skins with no spots, pimples and pores. Even though it does some pore cover up.

The good things about this product:
  • Matte finish that becomes shiny and dewy later I'm not sure why but it looks good!
  • Easy and smooth application
  • Feels light and nice on skin (it doesn't feel like it clogs up your pores
  • Covers discolouration and redness
  • Water based BB cream (at least for me this is good!)
  • Gentle Scent

Things I'm not so happy about:
  • My T-Line becomes oily after a couple of hours (but it can be fixed with mist or makeup set spray)
  • Doesn't cover spots, pimples and scars
  • Poor pore cover but it becomes better after layer two
  • My eyelids feel funny if I put this BB on them. I suggest not to try that..
I'm gonna give this lovely BB cream 5 stars out of 5 because I love everything about this... Even the things I'm not very happy about can be fixed. I also included this in my November Beauty Favorites video that you can find Here!

This review is not sponsored but here is the link of where I bought it from Cosmetic-Love

Updated with better photos of the product 24/04/2013


  1. im not even going to trying it out because this one looks so yellowish >_<

  2. Yeah I think I'll try this one in shade one, I'm so pale! ^_^ Thanks for the review!!

    1. No problem ^^ I might get the shade one in the future but not sure! Maybe if I finish this!

  3. the packaging is so cute <3 like paprika xD

    visit my blog ^^

  4. Thanks for review Eva! I wanted someone with combination skin to review it =)

  5. great review as I'm planning to buy them, found your blog searching for malgem toner's review.

  6. Hi Eva! Would you by any chance, know of a BB cream that offers medium-full coverage that is on the yellow side? I love the coverage that Missha gives me, which is almost full, but its way too gray for my yellow skin. Hope you get to read this! :)


    1. Yes, Precious Mineral BB cream comes in different shades (medium coverage) and the Moistfull collagen BB has better coverage than the Precious mineral, almost full ^^ Both from Etude House.

    2. Actually I was wrong about precious mineral BB ^^; The one with yellow undertones is the Moistfull collagen BB and BB dation ^^) The rest of the BB creams I've tried are all start off grey ^^;

    3. Alright! I will definitely check them out! Thanks for the tips! Oh and by the way, have you tried Lioele's beyond the solution? :)

    4. Nope but I'm hoping to try it in the future! I think I have a sample but not sure ^^

  7. The packaging looks like nail polish. X3

    Nominated you for Liebster Blog Award! Check it out here:

    Pastel Kisses,
    Sie Cajilig

    1. Thank you! Do you know if it's ok to post about more than once? (liebster award)

  8. thanks for the review! I think I will pass on this... I have combination skin >.<

    1. I have too ^^ when I use mist for oily skin or powder it doesn't go dewy look on me.

  9. I actually swatched the base for this yesterday (apparently they didn't have the bb cream open for testers >_>) and this looks good! Water based BB Cream huh :O

    I have oily combination skin too, I might try this out in the future because it looks kind of promising!

    Thanks for the review!

  10. I want to get this, but I confused which shade match for my skin.
    Do the shade 1 has the grey tone to it? I think shade 2 is too yellow for me.

    1. I'm not sure but I've seen videos of shade 1 and It doesn't look yellow to me. I think it gives a glow pale effect.

  11. I think this shade looks so yellowish :/ I heard alot of good stuff about this from sparklychee but after hearing this I think I wouldn't want to try it anymore :o I'm afraid the oil control isn't good enough for me :c


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