Friday, December 7, 2012

Korean Cosmetics Wish List Part B

This is the list of the products I'm wanting to get in February. Click here for the First Post of this!


Eco Safety Primer Sunblock SPF35 PA++

Tony Moly

Crystal Jelly Cheek Pot shades Angel Pink and Angel Peach

Crystal Light no 1 Pink Beam

Baby Doll BB powder in Light Beige

Lover Swing Tint Gloss - Not sure which shade (I want all!)

Latte Art Milk Tea Morning Pack

Floria Active Peeling Gel

Relaxing Aqua Marine Sherbet Cleanser

Dr. Tony AC Control Mist

Part C coming up! Thank you for reading!



  1. Really cool Korean products! I also love these types of products. Been using most of them in my daily life haha. Tony Moly seems cool and that Baby Doll powder. Hope you get your wishlist items dear!
    Happy weekend Eva! :)

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  2. I didn't know that there was a eye mask cleanser =O~~~~~~

    Tkanks for the review, Eva!

    1. Are you talking about the mascara cleanser? It's a new product ^^

  3. I want those tony moly cheek pots too! I love their colors so cute (: And naturally you have a lot of skincare products, just like me, lol, we're skincare junkies huh?

    1. Tony moly have some nice makeup, their colours are so fresh and nice ^^ But yes I love skin care products X3 I'm still looking for the best moisturizing cream. I actually tried Nivea for oily and for normal but the broke me out. So I ordered neutrogena oil free cream, I know I'm straying from Korean brands but I need a new moisturizer fast! It takes up to three weeks for things to be delivered from Korean ^^;

  4. Please leave know how you get on with Baby Doll BB powder in Light Beige and with Latte Art Milk Tea Morning Pack when you have them!^__^

  5. I got the jelly cheek pot in angel pink and loving it!
    It has pearly pink finish, very subtle but the color is buildable.


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