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|Paul & Joe| Protective Fluid Foundation S Review

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Greetings everyone! I finally got to take photos for this review! The weather hasn't been so good lately, it was mostly cloudy until today. The sun finally came out but I was able to take some decent photos for this review. Like I stated on my previous review post I wanted to write about foundations and BB creams this month. We didn't see that happening though (lol) so I'm going to extend this "review plan" to 2013 hehe.

I thought I used this foundation before but I was wrong =_= I used to have Light Cream Foundation N but I forgot the exact name so I thought Protective Fluid Foundation S is the improvement. It's been almost two years since I used light cream foundation N and my memory is generally not the best! Turns out this foundation isn't bad and it has SPF 25! 

It has a pump which it makes it easier to use than the N version. The consistency is watery enough and my skin absorbs it right away. Maybe because my skin has turned into normal/dry in cold weather. It made it a bit difficult to spread as well.

The finish is semi matte with no primer but it's totally matte when I used the Benefit Pore primer and the Cat's wink primer from Tony Moly! My T-line looked totally matte and it stayed like that for hours. I didn't really like that though, I prefer more "normal" finish. Matte isn't my favorite. However, my T-line didn't go oily for a good eight hours without a primer. I wouldn't recommend this to dry skin types because it just gives no moisture. Maybe it'd work with a moisturising primer but I never tried that. I believe this foundation works better on normal and oily skin types.

It has floral scent but not strong enough so you can't smell it on your face which is good!

Shade 100 Alabaster is the palest I could get but it has an orange tint that disappeared after application. I'm not sure I like that.

Medium coverage! I love that! It didn't cover the pores on my nose entirely but it did a good job nevertheless! I still have to use concealer in my opinion but it can be skipped if you have no blemishes. It covered my slight dark circles as well. I didn't use concealer and I didn't apply foundation on my eyelids in the photo above. I must say it still looks good after five hours but I wouldn't leave the house without a matte powder if I'm going to be wearing it for eight hours at work or something.

I'd give Protective Fluid Foundation S from Paul & Joe 4/5 stars because I'm not liking the consistency but overall is a good foundation with SPF 25 and I'm going to continue using it! I wouldn't repurchase it though.

It works well on normal/combo skin type but if you have SUPER oily skin you would need a silicone type primer like Benefit pore primer and it'd turn tottaly matte. I wouldn't recommend this to dry skin types.

I hope you liked this review and Thank you for reading!!

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  1. Thank you for this review Eva!^^
    Too bad my skin is dry u.u And I do not like the orange tint u.u But the packaging is very cute heheh
    Have a Happy New Year!!!o(^o^o)

  2. Thanks for the review, I'm still looking for a good (and affordable) foundation for daily wear. But I'm not really sure which one should I buy.

    1. No problem! Dream on foundation by Etude House is good enough if your skin isn't oily ^^) But I'm not sure about other "drugstore" foundation. I think it's just a matter of your skin if a foundation is good for you. Cheap or expensive it doesn't really matter. It's always good to try samples if available ^^)


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