Monday, May 20, 2013

[REVIEW] Skin79 Super+ Vital Orange BB Cream

Hi there everyone! This is not the first bb cream from skin79 I've used. I finished one bottle of the Hot pink one before I started this blog! I really liked it but I decided not to repurchase and buy this one instead.

Properties: SPF 50+ PA+++, Whitening and Wrinkle Improvement.

Ingredient list, click for large image
The ingredients are so many but one of them is Caviar extract which I had no idea about. I don't like cosmetics made of living things extract. But ok...

This BB cream suits me because of the yellow undertones that i believe turns into pure pale (lol). The coverage is really good too, almost full. The only thing I don't like is the dry patches I get around my eyebrows and nose.

This is me after I cleansed my face with Neutrogena's Pore and Shine scrub then applied mal:gem Moist Toner from Etude House and finished it with Effaclar Duo cream from La-Roche Posay (been using it the last 4 days, it made a huge difference but my pores went bigger because I didn't use it yesterday :<)

This is me after I applied Vital Orange BB cream! Almost full coverage on my pores and spots!  Tottaly covered my redness! Yay! I didn't apply it on my eyelids. My whole face turned oily after 5-7 hours.


Because it has almost full coverage but I get dry patches (sometimes)  and my whole face turns oily after 5-7 hours (not only my T-Line). I'm guessing because not enough moisture. Would I repurchase? Probably not.

Bought from the ebay store rubyruby76

Have you tried this BB cream? What are your thoughts?

EDIT: This product cause me acne. I get a spot every time I use it ^^


  1. I have this as my first BB Cream from Skin79 since a lot of reviews say it controls oil well. Unfortunately it doesn't do it that much for me ( ;-; ) I have not found a BB Cream that really, really controls oil.

    Except Holika Holika Petit BB Cream in Clearing I works well in oil control but is toooo pale for me.

    I do agree with the dry patches though! (I should look up the photos I took for my review)

    I like how it's yellow-based though~

    I'll give this another chance I think. It's been a while since I used it.
    Thanks for the review~

  2. It is my favourite BB Cream <3. When I have dry patches I use my Thin Sponge, also from Skin79, and my skin looks so great!

    Greetings from Shirayuki's Beauty.

    1. I get dry patches after the application. Is there any technique with the sponge?

  3. I have tried the sample and I don't like it. Too yellow & not suitable for my dry skin :<
    Good review! ^.^

  4. Thanks for the review! :D The hot pink version was one of my favourite bb creams ever! What's the main difference between the pink and the orange? The pink is only SPF25...but is there any other differences?

    1. Apart from the SPF, Hot pink has grey undertones where the orange has yellow. And Hot pink doesn't break me out :<

  5. too bad it gives you dry patches and makes your skin oily after certain hour. now I'm eager to try the samples that I have from Skin 79, so far the snail is okay on my face

  6. Just wondering, what is your go-to BB because the Vital Orange looks lightest and from the pictures it still looks too dark on you...maybe it's just the lighting.

    Sounds like it's not a keeper =(

    1. It's the lighting ^^ This bb cream is the palest I've ever tried :D My fav bb cream was Precious mineral bright fit from Etude House but I ran and I want to try the Cotton fit ^^ But also the hot pink from skin79 :)

  7. WOW it really did kill the redness! I think I have to get this (: I love the skin79 oriental gold (not the same as VIP gold)


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