Monday, May 20, 2013

[Blog Sale] Super+ Vital Orange BB Cream from Skin79

I know I posted the review today saying that this product suit me and it really does apart from the spot I get every time I use it! I had to use it 4-5 times to realize that it causes me acne. Also the spots stay for around a month.
 But I know a lot of you love this BB cream so I'm doing a blog sale!

Like stated above I used it 4-5 times and I will post it to you in its original packaging. The price is £10 + £2.50 (GBP) for postage and packaging if you are in the United Kingdom or Europe. I can only post to the UK or Europe. I can do worldwide shipping but you'd have to pay around £5 and possible more for postage ^^;

I only accept paypal the safest way to pay! I will also provide photo with the receipt from the post office. If the product won't reach you I won't be held responsible and I will not refund. I hope you understand! The receipt will be the proof of me sending you the BB cream ^^.

Here is the link to the REVIEW!

If you are want to buy this BB cream from me, please send me an e-mail at


  1. I love this cream! Shame that it breaks you out considering how much you like it xx

  2. I loved the shade of this but it was way too drying for my skin, I love Gold & Pink1

  3. I just nominated you for a liebster award on my page :)

  4. So bad that this BB Cream doesn´t work nice on you!
    Sweetie I want invite you!
    Win a Pair of CircleLens in Sakuranko "Giveaway"


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