Tuesday, May 14, 2013

[Review] Etude House Dear My Blooming Cheek in OR202

Hullo everyone~! I hope you are having a nice week ^^!

Before I begin with the review, I want to say that everything is fine with Nana and she is healing nicely! Also she doesn't lick her wound much, I think I taught her that haha! But she does it when she is cleaning herself... I still have to stop her sometimes but I don't have to stay up all night to look after her anymore! Going to the vet today so I hope she'd say everything is fine!

Moving to the review! I'm here with Dear My Blooming Cheek in OR202 blush from Etude House! I purchased this almost a year ago but I kept forgetting to review it.

It's a pearly shimmer blush that really gives a nice shine on your cheek. I can't show it to you on the photo unfortunately. It's made so it's more noticeable under artificial light. Looks very glamorous and sparkly without having glitter in it! Another word to describe it is also "silky" I think!

I'm not sure but I think this blush is baked! It's divided in two shades: Orange and Hot pink. The orange shade reminds me of the Miss Tangerine VIP Girl lipstick in OR205. I think it's a signature shade from Etude House.

You can use the orange on the upper half and the pink on the bottom half of your cheek or mix them together  for an extra vibrant pink! It's made in such way so the colour will look subtle under natural light but reflects as vibrant under artificial light! Really love that!!

Top: Orange shade Bottom: Pink shade

It looks really subtle under the sunlight but don't worry! It looks more pigmented under lower light. The texture is silky as well ^^ And no fall-out during application!

Under artificial light the pink looks more like a hot pink. It's also good at layering for extra vibrant look.

Absolutely love this blush! I think it'd go well on any skin tone.

My Rating:

... and back to Nana subject! Here is a photo of my little girl! She loves water haha, major water drinker!


  1. Oh it's good for gradation effect then. good that Nana is in good condition now :)

    1. yes! We took her to the vet and she said she fine now :)

  2. That blush looks so lovely!*_* and your cat, too :D

  3. That looks really nice :D and such cute packaging too haha! nana is so prettyyy, i love black cats! my first cat was a fluffy black cat named coco! :D

  4. The colours are so pretty!! And yr cat is so cute too haha

    Btw.. please check out my giveaway if you have the time (:

  5. I have this same color blush too and I think the application and staying power are great but I can't stand the shimmer! It makes it look so fake imo...I just finally found out which Etude House blushes aren't shiny so I am excited to receive that. The orange is meant to be used as a highlighter btw.


    1. Thank you and yes ^^ that's why you apply it on the upper side of your cheek :)

  6. I love pink blushes, and this one looks so sweet~

    Also, I have to say I love Nana's bowl, so adorable! She's got a good cat mommy looking out for her ^^

    1. Thank you Tiffany! The vet said the wound is closed so it's fine now I can sleep XD


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