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|Etude House| Missing U Sleeping Pack Review

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A few weeks ago I started using these three lovely products for my night skin care routine but I use the Peeling and Toner in the mornings or before I apply make-up as well. So I decided to write this review and share my experience with these products. Before I begin I must say that I'm a BIG fan of Etude House. And almost ALL the products I have used suit my skin type. My nose area is oily but the rest is normal apart from a couple of dry parts around my eyebrows which they are not dry all the time. So I need a moisturizer that doesn't make my face oily and I use a stronger one on the dry patches I get sometimes. In other words this product combination is what I needed. On this post I'm going to be talking about Bee happy Missing U sleeping pack.

Types of the same product~

There are two version of the Missing U pack. The first one is the Wash off after 10 minutes version and the other is the one I have. You have it on your face overnight and you wash it off once you wake up. Made of honey extracts among other ingredients, this product moisturizes my face without making it oily. I chose the sleeping pack because I wanted something to protect and moisturize my skin while I sleep. Skin repairs itself during sleep. 

Details about the Product~
I love how it looks, like cream and honey. It doesn't look so white on your face. It is transparent with a hint of honey colour after the application. Which is good because we don't want to look weird during our sleep if we share the bed with somebody else! I believe this product is suitable for normal, dry and oily skin types. It's very moisturizing for dry skin and it doesn't make your skin oily after every use.

Scent and Texture~
The Texture reminds me of collagen creams. Maybe because of the honey extracts. It smells like creamy dessert with honey which I love! The scent is not bold so you can't smell it when it is on your face. And that's a good thing because we don't want the smell to keep you awake or something haha. 

Does it work?

Let me talk about after the use. When I wake up and rinse it off my skin feels soft like baby skin. And above all it feels clean. Not oily but moisturized. The pores feel clean and skin feels like breathing. It's very important to feel clean after the use of night masks and cream in my opinion. So that is one of the good things about Missing U sleeping pack.

During the use~

One thing that I'm not happy about is (maybe it's just me but) I feel like my skin doesn't really breath during the night. And sometimes that interferes with my sleep and makes me wake up in the middle of the night. I feel like I  have put something on my face that covers my pores and skin and my face is unable to  breath. Some people doesn't really feel uncomfy with something like that on their face but I do feel uncomfortable. But still, it is worth it because of the results in the morning!

The ingredients!

NO PARABENS which is great for everyday use! 
I have noticed that it has alcohol. Many people believe that alcohol is a bad thing to have in cosmetics and skin care products because it might irritate the skin. I haven't noticed any irritation after I use this, but my skin is not sensitive. And on the other hand this product is great at moisturizing, so alcohol doesn't leave your skin dry in this case. But I don't know about sensitive skin types. So if you have sensitive skin you might want to try it on a small spot on your face for a few hours or the whole night first. The other ingredient I have noticed is Glycerin. This ingredient helps with moisture to lock on your skin while it let your breathe. Even though the "let your skin breathe" doesn't work in my case. Maybe it will work for other people's skin type. But I have heard that glycerin as by it self might irritate sensitive skin. So that's another ingredient that makes me skeptical about this product's use on sensitive skin. I'm not an expert in ingredients but I thought I should mention these two ingredients that might not be suitable for sensitive skin.

How to Use~
After washing your face, prepare skin with toner and apply the pack all over the face except for the delicate area surrounding the eyes and the lips, Get a good night's sleep, and then cleanse your face in the morning.

Goods and Bads~

So the things I love about this product:
  • Makes my skin smooth and moisturized like baby skin (after I rinse it off)
  • My skin feels clean and neat after I rinse it off
  • Locks moisture on my skin for the rest of the day
  • It has a nice and soft scent. It reminds me of creamy dessert with honey
  • Easy to apply
The things I'm not happy about:
  • My skin feels like unable to breath when I have it on during the night
So these are my thoughts and review about this product. Feel free to comment if you have any thoughts about Missing U sleeping pack.

Thank you for reading <3

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  1. Wow. So, you really like it? I'm planning to buy it but I want to make sure if it's good first. Thanks to this blog, I feel secured :P

    1. Yeah, Glad my post helped :) Thank you for reading ^^)

  2. are you still using this product?
    im planning to buy one, cus i just use one of the sample product and it feel nice when i put it on my face and after i rinse it in the morning.
    can you please share more?

    1. Hi Nina, no I'm not using it anymore but this is an overall great product but it can break you out if you have sensitive skin. Other than that it's just a really good product to use. And if it didn't break you out in one use I'm sure it won't break you out in the future. It's good to use brush to apply it or your fingers after you wash them because we wouldn't want germs to build up in it. Thank you ^^)


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