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|Etude House| Peel so good! Diamond Peel Review

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A few weeks ago I started using these three lovely products for my night skin care routine but I use the Peeling and Toner in the mornings or before I apply make-up as well. So I decided to write this review and share my experience with these products. Before I begin I must say that I'm a BIG fan of Etude House. And almost ALL the products I have used suit my skin type. My nose area is oily but the rest is normal apart from a couple of dry parts around my eyebrows which they are not dry all the time. So I need a moisturizer that doesn't make my face oily and I use a stronger one on the dry patches I get sometimes. In other words this product combination is what I needed. But let's start with Peel so good Diamond Peel and foam cleanser.

Other Types of this Product~
There are three types of the Peel so good peeling. The difference between these three versions is the hardness of the peeling. The red stars you see on the product indicates the roughness. Diamond Peel is the strongest one. The other two are: Natural Peel with one star ( the lightest ) and Enzyme Peel with three stars. I chose the strongest one because the pores on my skin tend to clog up all the time. And they need extra effort to get clean, plus I have to do it twice a day. Or else my skin looks really bad. So if your face and pores need a lot of effort to be clean and you need a peeling that doesn't leave your skin dry and red after every use THIS peeling is just for you.

More excited about this~
Its colour is actually transparent pink which it makes it cute. It has red "beads" that are round and they don't look like big chunks for sugar. But there are some small sugar-like chunks that are not very visible. They feel like sugar to me. I have to note that the red things and sugar-like chunks doesn't hurt your face while you massage your face with it. You can barely feel them. And that's good because most of the peelings I have used in the past weren't very pleasant during the massage and they used to leave my skin red on my oily parts. And I had to use a strong moisturizer to fix it and it used to make my skin extra oily. So peeling used to be a disaster for me but NOT anymore! Because this peeling cleans and moisturizes the skin at the same. Even though you still have to use a bit of toner after every use. It has a nice scent, not fruity but I think that helps you feel clean. It's like a "feel clean" smell that I can't really explain!

How to Use: Apply to wet face and lather. Massage thoroughly and rinse with warm water. 
For external use only and avoid contact with the eyes.

I have to add that even though some peelings are difficult to rinse off because of all these micro beads, Peel so Good Diamond Peel is very easy to rinse off that it actually surprised me! Unfortunately the ingredient List is in Korean and I can't read them. If somebody can translate this, feel free to tell us about the ingredients by commenting on this post.

Goods and Bads~!
So the things I love about this:
  • It really cleans my pores and skin in general
  • Easy to rinse off
  • Doesn't leave my skin dehydrated and red
  • It cleans and moisturize at the same time
  • The micro beads doesn't hurt my face
  • It's Pink!
Things I am not very happy about:
  • Nothing! I love everything about this product!
If any of you had used this product please feel free to share your opinion with a comment!

Thank you very much for reading, I hope this review helped you <3

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