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|Etude House| LUCIDarling Fantastic Gradiation Eyes Miss Berry Berry #8 Review


Pink and Cute! it's pearly soft pink which you can't tell from the photo. You would have to see it in person to see that iridescent detail. More like a princess's jewellery box with a dark brown ribbon around it. It looks like a Gothic Lolita style box in my opinion. Which I love! 

Inside Look

Contains white,  pink, orange and dark brown shimmer eyeshadow. And two brushes. One double brush and one tip brush. They are very pigmented and shimmery but only the dark brown and white are glittery. The pink is not very soft but not hot pink either. The orange is a perfect shade of orange in my opinion. It's not peachy but more like a tangerine shade. The dark brown reminds me of chocolate. And the white is perfect on the skin and it doesn't look like random white powder on the eyes. Also it has a big mirror which is very useful.

On the skin they look gorgeous! You can see how pigmented they are on this photo. Perfect! Not clumpy. Also they are buildable. You can get lighter look than I have on this picture by just applying one layer of the eyeshadow and by spreading it on your skin.


The first brush is a double brush. One side is a wide eyeshadow brush and on the other side it a wide tip spongy brush. Both of them are very very soft. The wide brush can be also used as a blending brush. 

The second brush is a thin tip brush. It is used to apply the dark brown eyeshadow before the eyeliner close to the eyelashes. And on under the bottom water line. This brush leaves a thick layer of eyeshadow on the skin.

Recommended Use by Etude House

On the underside of this palette it has a diagram with instructions of how to use the eyeshadows. It recommends to use the white one as a base and apply it close to the eyebrows. Then the orange or pink one as a second layer, lower on your eyelid and last the dark brown eyeshadow very close to the eyelashes before the eyeliner. And as for the  below the waterline, you can use the tip brush to apply the orange or pink eyeshadow.

I have to note that the date you see on the sticker is the date this product has been produced and not the expiration date. Also eyeshadow can last for years.

On my eye preview with the Orange eyeshadow

excuse my hairy eyelashes haha

And this is my eye! Wearing white, orange and the dark brown eyeshadow. This is how Etude House recommends the use of this but you can always apply your own way like I do sometimes. There are unlimited combinations and styles according to the type of your eyelid and crease. Like Caucasian eyes will look better if these eyeshadows get applied differently.

General Conclusion

LUCIDarling mini eyeshadow palette #8 is a very good and essential palette. The eyeshadows are not clumpy and they blend very good with each other. And you can have two different styles out of this. A pink one and a tangerine one! Wearable with colourful clothes or dark colour clothes. It is suitable with any colour of hair as well. Well apart from blue and green hair. Not to mention, it goes well with any colour of eyes too.

The goods and the bads

The things I love about his product:
  • The eyeshadoes are shimmery and two of them have a bit of glitter too
  • The eyeshadows blend well with each other
  • It contains two high quality eyeshadow brushes
  • Not clumpy!
  • Suits most hair colours, eye colours and style of clothes
  • It is in a cute and girly packaging
  • It has a diagram with how to use the eyeshadows
  • The combinations are unlimited
The things I don't like about this:
  • Nothing, I love everything about this palette!

So that's my opinions about this lovely mini palette, I hope this article was useful to you and you enjoyed as much as I did writting it. Thank you for reading!

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  1. i seriously wanted one of these but they are so darn expensive-.-'' i wish i had more money


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