Thursday, July 26, 2012

|Etude House| Skin mal:gem Fresh Review

A few weeks ago I started using these three lovely products for my night skin care routine but I use the Peeling and Toner in the mornings or before I apply make-up as well. So I decided to write this review and share my experience with these products. Before I begin I must say that I'm a BIG fan of Etude House. And almost ALL the products I have used suit my skin type. My nose area is oily but the rest is normal apart from a couple of dry parts around my eyebrows which they are not dry all the time. So I need a moisturizer that doesn't make my face oily and I use a stronger one on the dry patches I get sometimes. In other words this product combination is what I needed. On this post I'm going to review the Skin mal:gem Fresh Toner oily control.

Does it work?

This is a toner for oil control. And it cleanses of course. It really does what it says. After I use this on my oily nose area, it just stops being oily. And it gets moisturized at the same time. It gives the skin the feeling of freshness and smoothness. I couldn't ask more from a toner. So if you have oily skin this toner can do miracles.

Ingredients and Use~

I did the big mistake to throw away its box which it had the list of the ingredients but I'm pretty sure that it has NO PARABENS which is very important. Because I always check if something has parabens before I buy it.
After you cleanse your face, you pour a few drops on a cotton pad and then you tap and then wipe your face with it. It doesn't feel bad on the skin like a couple of other toners I have used in the past. It instantly makes my skin feel fresh and pure. Also its scent it's great as well. It smells like fresh lemon leaves to me.

Mal:gem is the Korean word for cleanness, freshness, clarify and pureness. These toners are hypoallergenic. Great!

Goods and Bads~

So the things I love about this toner:
  • It really controls the oil on my skin
  • Moisturizes 
  • No irritation after use
  • It smells like fresh lemon leaves
  • Cleanses the pores
The things I'm not happy about:
  • No cons! I love this product!
So that's my small review about this GREAT product. There is nothing much more to say other than it's GREAT~ Thank you for reading (^_^)


  1. Glad it worked for you! I'm currently using this and so far I'm liking it! Great blog btw, just followed you.

    Hope you can support a newbie blogger! :)

    1. Thank you! Sure I followed you! You have more followers than me hehe (^-^)

  2. Hi Eva, have you try the etude house wonder pore solution freshner? That product fis for oily skin too, but I think I should try the skin malgem toner too ^^

    1. Hi, yes I did! I wrote a review for that as well :) It was a month or so after I wrote this review I think!

  3. Hi Eva! I bought the super moist malgeum, but it didn't arrived yet =(.
    I'm thinking on buying the freshner, but I'm in doubt if I buy it or the smoother =)
    I have the "wonder pore freshner" and it really works! I love it, take my skin moist and less oily =3
    I love Etude =D
    Thanks for review it!

    1. Hi :) I wouldn't recommend deep moist for oily skin ( I'm guessing not sure ) I want to try the simple moist one. The moist one has Hyaluronic acid which helps with oily big pores. I really have no idea about the smoother. Smoother is a exfoliation toner so it's a completely different thing. Also Fresh has cleaning abilities as well. I hope that helped!

    2. I bought the deep moist because my skin is also sensitive (sensitive + combination: shit ¬¬ It's give me a huuuuge work =P), so I pretend to use the wonder pore and after the deep moist instead of a cream.
      But it didn't arrive yet T.T
      And I'm thinking on buying the smoother because I have some whiteheads (it helps).

  4. how long does it takes for your skin to be oily again? :D

  5. hi, I was wondering when applying this or after does this toner give you a stinging sensation because I tried the etude house wonder pore and it gave me a stinging feeling and I don't like that. Please reply soon thanks=D

    1. Hi Lin Yan, I don't feel any stinging sensation when I apply the mal:gem fresh toner nor the Wonder Pore. So I'm not sure if I can help you with my opinion ^^; Good luck x

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  7. hi eva..i was thinking that can i use this malgem after im applying cream that my dermatologist gave to me? i have a bad acne breakout n my skin is oily too.. i really hate that..

  8. Hi! Thanks for this review! I was looking for an Etude House product for oily skin, this was really helpful! :) BTW I also followed your blog!

    newbie blogger here :>


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