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|Maybelline| Dream Fresh BB Review

Dream Fresh BB Review

Or should I say Dream Fresh Tinted moisturizer! After trying this BB cream for several times here I am writing a review about it. As you know a lot of brands from the West have been making drugstore and high end BB creams all over the place. Some of them brag about them like they invented them first. Well they didn't. They took the recipe and the idea from the Koreans.

Dream Fresh BB by Maybelline claims to have 8 benefits in one.
  1. Creates Natural Glow
  2. Compliments Skin-Tone
  3. SPF30 UV Protection
  4. Hydrates all day
  5. Blurs Imperfections
  6. Oil free, non-greasy
  7. Looks visibly Smooth
  8. Feels Fresh

All these are true. It really does what it says. But it's more like a tinted moisturizer. Perfect for summer and perfect for people that have no huge pores all over their face.

Usually BB creams from South Korea have more coverage than this. At the very least they cover black heads. This product also doesn't work with either Pore Ever primer essence by Etude nor Apple Pore Serum  by Skinfood. Which is weird.

I see no parabens which is good because I have seen so many Maybelline products that have parabens.

Liquid BB cream, hmmm. Usually BB creams are more thick and creamy. Easy to apply it on if you have kept your natural oil and haven't washed and cared your face. Honestly, I tried it after caring my skin and applying moisturizer and it was so difficult to spread it on my face. Then I used it once i woke up when I  had my natural oils left on my skin and it was so easy to spread.

Preview on my Face

Light Coverage. Not suitable for faces with huge pores. Concealer is essential. Unless your face is perfect and you just want to protect and compliment it.

I remember I applied it on several times and then I removed after a few minutes. I tried it with different concealers, different pore solutions. Nothing. It's just a tinted moisturizer. A nice product but not for me. Maybelline also states on the back that only blurs imperfections. But that's not a BB cream in my opinion.

Perfect for mixing it with an actual foundation though!

So things I like about this:
  • It compliments the skin
  • Has SPF30
Things I'm not happy about:
  • No real coverage
  • Doesn't work w/ Pore solutions such as Pore Ever primer essence by Etude House
  • It's more like a Tinted Moisturizer
  • It's liquid, hard to apply it on face
Would I ever repurchase this? No, because I need higher coverage.

And that's all my opinions about this product. Even though I'm not in love with it I still think it's a product worth trying if your face has no flaws.

Thank you for reading, Feel free to comment your opinions below! I would love to read them :)


  1. I get so annoyed how many products in the west claim to be BBs but are just tinted moisturizers. They aren't as good and it's too bad. I hope they change their act because I'm not against western makeup but I don't want a mislabeled product, I want a BB cream, lol.

  2. I'd prefer koreans BB forever: good and cheap! And they really works.
    I saw some reviews about western BBs and everyone say that it doesn't work very well, just people that hadn't used a korean one like them.

  3. at least this maybelline BB cream have better packaging than the blue one xD


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