Friday, March 8, 2013

✔ |Tutorial| Bitten Lips Effect w/ Etude House

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I've decided to share my way of doing the bitten lips style today. I've seen this style in Korean Dramas and it really makes the lips look juicy and cute haha. I used Etude House products but you can use any brand of products you want of course!

What you will need is basically Lip concealer or normal concealer, lip tint or lipstick (I prefer tint/stain because it stays on lips longer), lip brush and transperent lipgloss/lipstick/lipbalm. I'm using the following!
Color Me Nude, Jelly Lips-talk Tint JPK001, Jelly Lips-talk Balm JBE101 and Etude House Lip brush
So let's begin the tutorial (the weather is gloomy today so I'm sorry if the photos look dull ^^;)

Step One: Conceal your lips, don't forget the outline. I tapped the lip concealer on my lips and spread it with my finger then pat. You'd want to make your lips look pale or the same colour as your skintone.

Step Two: Using the pointy tip of the lipstick/lip tint/tint on brush (I'm using lip tint in stick form) apply some on the inner side of your lips. Opening your mouth a little would help ^^ So it's the bottom side of your upper lip and top side of your bottom lip but don't apply it all the way to the corners.

Step Three: Using the lip brush blend the lip tint on the concealer making it look like it's fading out on your lips.

Final Step: Apply the lip gloss/lip balm on your lips to create shine!

and you are done~! 

Various shades of lipsticks can be used for this lip effect like peach, orange, red, brighter pink... etc.

The key to this look is the contrast between the lipstick and the concealer. Of course the gloss in the end just makes it look gorgeous!

I hope you liked my tutorial - I'm no makeup artist!

Have you tried this look before? Share your tips here!

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  1. Your lips is chapped, dear.. It's better to use lip balm before applying it.. ^^

  2. I like it! I tried this and I'm actually gonna sport this look tonight! Hehe! :)

    1. Oh great! I'm sure you will look gorgeous!

  3. Haha when I see just-bitten lips on Korean celebs it always looks like they just ate a push pop or a popsicle :P You pull it off much more naturally!


  4. gonna try this.. yours more natural than others.. thank u ^^

  5. what is the brand of your lip tint stick? i'm interested.

  6. may i know what colour of your lips tint??


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