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[New Line] Sweet Recipe by Etude House [Lipsticks, All-over Color, Eyeliner]

Hi everyone~~!! I'm so excited to post about some of items from the Sweet Recipe line by Etude  House. This line is my favorite so far, I like everything that is cake and dessert themed! I ordered a few items but I'm going to order more and I'm going to throw a giveaway after I reach 100 followers via GFC.

This post is introducing you the products, preview on my lips and swatches. I'm going to do separate reviews about the Cupcake All Over Color and eyeliner so stay tuned!

I'm starting with one of the two Dear My Jelly Lips-talk JBE101! The packaging is so cute with yellow jelly instead of the ribbon bow. The color of the packaging is pearly creamy white, it's not exactly white.

Both lipsticks smell like Cherry jelly! Sugary cherry scent! You can barely smell the cherry, it's mostly a jelly sugar scent! Yummie... They also taste sweet!

This lipstick is yellow and it has glitter in it! I swatched it on my arm but the only thing I could see is gloss, glitter and a tint of yellow. I love how it gives shine and glitter without being thick like lipglosses. Ideal for the bitten lips effect! Can be used after lip tint to give subtle shine without being sticky.

A preview on my lips. You can easily make the bitten lips effect using this and the tint from the same line (see below). I'm going to do a post about the bitten lips effect you can achieve with these two in the future.

JPK001 one of the tints. I'm totally in love with this. The stick colour is peach but the actual swatch is more hot pinkish and a hint of peach. Fantastic colour! The jelly around the base is the same colour as the stick. So adorable!!

It starts off not looking very pigmented but the colour turns bright after a few minutes! It's also difficult to wash off because it's a tint. Meaning it can last more than a lipstick and all you'd have to do is to reapply the lipgloss or the glossy yellow lipstick from this line, through the day.

A very natural pinkish peach colour! I love it <3 

Next is the Cupcake All Over Color in PK002 Strawberry Chiffon Cake. The box is soo cute like the containers we use for cakes in real life. So adorable and romantic!

I also ordered the Peach shade but they sent me the wrong shade instead so I'm not going to write about it yet ^^;

Metallic box with whipped cream, sprinkles and strawberry art on it. Totally love it!

It doesn't look as creamy as in the Sweet recipe official promo photos but that's not really a problem! It looks like a lipbalm but not as transparent.

Here are the swatches! You can use this product on your lips, cheeks and as eyeshadow. I'm not previewing it yet because I'm going to write a separate review about the Cupcake all over Colors in the future. After application it looks more like tint. I was expecting it to look like mousse, something more creamy and thick. I feel a bit disappointed but I still like it a lot.

And last I have the Chocolate Smudge Liner here that looks like Chocolate-Strawberry bon bon in a shape of heart! Oh my!

It looks so yummie!! I want to eat it! I love chocolate!

I got shade 1 Dark brown. It really looks like dark chocolate doesn't it?

Various swatches! It looks very pigmented and it's waterproof, I tested it. I didn't test it on my eyes so I'm not sure if it's tear-proof! I didn't smudge it either because the full review of the product will be posted soon! Stay tuned!

These are all the products from Sweet Recipe I have so far! I'm so excited to try more lipsticks and other products! I'm bit disappointed in the Cupcake all over color consistency, I thought it would look like mousse or something. I'm so in love with this line I can't wait to order more of these products!! 

Which products from the Sweet recipe line you can't wait to try? Have you tried any of them?

Thank you for reading, see you in my next post!



  1. wow, you're the first blogger who already got some of the sweet recipe products :D
    but the eyeliner seems awesome~ x3
    the cupcake colour thing really looks like a lip balm though :o it looked so yummy in the promotional pictures but...seems really different in real life ^^

    1. Yeah the cupcake looks different ^^; Thank you for reading ^^

  2. wow i love its design as well!
    i thought cupcake all over has mousse texture :( sadly it's like a lip balm..
    thanks for sharing <3


  3. ohmygooood!~♥
    Where did you buy them from?! *0* Your the first western blogger to review these products~~ congratulations ♥

    1. I bought from the ebay store f2plus1! And Thank you hehe <3

  4. Oh my, the eyeliner looks so pretty! I've actually been looking for reviews by western blogs.... Did you buy them from an UK shop or directly from Korea?

    1. I ordered them from Korean reseller ebay shop f2plus1 ^^ Thank you for visiting!

  5. Very cute, especially the last one.

  6. I love the packagings from Etude House, the liner is super cute <3.

    Greetings from Shirayuki's Beauty.

  7. wow that candy looks so real haha=D and i was wondering about how the Cupcake All Over products work=D thanks for the review, i am now a new follower=D
    i hope you can follow me back at allthingsobtainable.blogspot.com

    1. I'm already following you haha Thanks for visiting

  8. oh wow you are so fast xD i bet you have so many make up collection at home x3
    i like the eyeliner and thinking to buy it. after read your review i think i will buy it xD

    visit my blog ^^

    1. It's really good and I was wearing for 7 hours and didn't smudge <3

  9. i bought them too! agree..i watched a review video last week and the cupcakes aren't like mousse at all X(
    but they're still cute :D

  10. Great haul, still have to get my goodies from the Etoinette collection. I'm so behind haha

  11. I really love this collection, the packagings are so cute!!! *__________*
    The eyeliner is so lovely, I want both of them. The lipsticks are beautiful, but I prefer only the pink colours (JPK001 is perfect, so natural for use daily). The Cupcake All Over Color that you have is very cute, I love this pink tone... really, I love all things that are pink xDD

    Greetings from Vintage Nails and Alis-Kai in Wonderland

  12. Wow they're soooo cute and pretty. I was really curious what the lemon yellow lipstick would come out like at it's awesome!! want want want :D and the chocolate eyeliner thing is super adorable :)))


  13. Hi, it is untrue that PK001 is the only tint in the sweet recipe collection. There are 2-3 tints in this sweet recipe collection. Please note the accuracy of ur info since you're sharing the info with the public via ur blog, thank you(:

    1. Sorry.. I kept forgetting editing the post. Thank you ^^:


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