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|Review| Etude House Princess Etoinette Blusher and Pouch

Hello Ladies~! Or should I say Princesses! I'm here with two items from the Princess Etoinette line: The pink heart blusher and makeup pouch! Rococo inspired design by Sylvie De France, these containers sure remind you of Princesses and fairy tales. I would say this makeup is for the Gothic and Sweet Lolitas out there.

Before I continue I  have to state I'm HUGE fan of Etude House and I really love their quality and style.

I was skeptical about this line because it's pricey and plastic. Everybody is raving about the cute design though. So I thought I would order a couple of things to see how this plastic container is going to look elegant in person. Apparently it looks really pretty and the plastic is not so bad quality but it still reminds me of big size Barbie doll's makeup. Another thing is the design isn't as original as many of the girls think. The style is inspired from Rococo movement. Click here for a link to the wiki about Rococo. Sweet and gothic Lolita fashion style from Japan is based on Rococo.

But enough with the history lesson, let's jump to the actual product review.

I very liked the packaging style as well (for some reason). I'm in love with the plastic bag that the pouch is in (lol). I like the print and details on it as well as on the blusher box.

There was a separate container for the heart shaped blush "blocks". They are very sensitive and easy to squish ^^; I almost broke one while I was transferring them to the actual blush container. At first I thought I should put only one of each shade (three) but then I changed my mind and put all of them in.

Shimmer all over the place. The hearts contain a lot of shimmer which I love!

My apologies for the bad light. These are the swatches of the different shade hearts. It's more pigmented than it looks at the photo.

The puff is extra thick and fluffy. I really like it as well. The design of the container is absolutely lovely as well. The only downside is that it's plastic. The original Rococo makeup containers (even other type of containers) were made of porcelain. One thing that looks like porcelain and it's not expensive is ceramic. Like mugs. It would look better in my opinion. No matter how I love Etude products and their designs I still think that these containers look like toys. I'm sorry Etude House ^^;

Let's continue with the makeup pouch...

On the other hand the pouch looks higher quality. Flowery patterned lace and satin ribbon bow give a nice touch. Extremely cute and classy style! I really love this makeup pouch!!

The bottom half and the edge around the zipper is metallic rosy pink that gives glamour!

Another plastic part that pretends to be metal... hehe ^^;

This pouch isn't very big but it's big enough to fit essential cosmetics. Nice size for handbags too. It has an extra pouch for brushes and extra thin things. Full size makeup brushes won't fit. Maybe travel size yes. I might upload a photo of the pouch with my makeup in it later.

I like the blusher and pouch a lot. Thinking of ordering more Princess Etoinette products but I'm not sure if that is going to happen because I fell madly in love with the Sweet Recipe line (by Etude of course) that's so my style. I love everything that has to do with desserts and cream.

I'm going to give the Princess Etoinette Pink blusher 

Because the quality of the blusher is good but the container is plastic and reminds me of toys.

And I'm going to give the Princess Etoinette Pouch

Because I really liked everything about it!

I love Etude House products and this line is really great. It suits Etude House theme completely and the designer did a good job. Have you tried any of the Etoinette line products? What are you thought about the material of the containers?

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  1. I've read so many reviews about the blusher, but you're actually the first one who mentioned that the plastic doesn't look that good. I thought the same before, and it really would look so much better if it was made out of ceramic ^^
    i don't own anything out of the etoinette line, but if I don't hold myself back i will probably purchase the entire Sweet Recipe line xD Are you already planning to purchase one of the products from Sweet Recipe? ^^

    1. I'm glad we agree ^^ I already ordered a few stuff but I want to order more haha!

  2. now that you've mentioned it, the container kinda looks like barbie's thing but they really look good in pictures and it's tempting me to try some products from the line even if I'm sure I'm not going to use them. but it's more reasonable for me to buy the lovely cookie blusher 9 OR202 from the sweet recipe line it looks yummy

    1. :o Where did you find the lovely cookie blusher? I don't think I've seen that!

    2. i've seen it in gmarket, unfortunately they don't ship in some countries so it's either i'll look for an online seller or wait for Etude House to introduce the product i. the Philippines

    3. Gmarket's shipping is very high to post to Europe and I don't want to order from there QQ

    4. Why not try ?
      They've got free shipping! :') I'm not sure whether they've put on the cookie blusher yet, but they probably will pretty soon!

    5. yeah, shipping is really expensive so I always wait for sale. I hope someone I know would go to Korea to buy some things from Etude for me:p

    6. There are other shops with low shipping or free that are a lot cheaper than cosmetic-love but I never buy from Gmarket because the shipping is the highest from there (^_^)

  3. i like the pouch. its so cute!!

    visit my blog ^^

    1. I finally got to change my pupe's eyes ^^) Now I have only 4 ribbons haha.

  4. Wow, this is so cute! I love your blog (:

    Greetings from Shirayuki's Beauty.

  5. Thanks for the review(; I'm getting the blusher soon ^.^ its too cute .

  6. Nice blusher and pouch I want all of them once...:)
    I love korean cosmetics designs and natural ingredients also.Thank you the reviews!


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