Tuesday, February 5, 2013

|Review| Etude House - Missing U Lipbalm in Bluebird

Hi girls~! I hope this week is going well for you! Happy Chinese New Year!

This time I'm reviewing one of Etude House's Missing U season 3, I can Fly! lip balms: Bluebird. 

Missing U is a campaign by Etude House to help protect the endangered species and it has been very successful so far. Part of the profits go to animal care organizations. Season 3 I can Fly! is about Eagle owl, Kakapo, Grass owl and Celurean Warbler. 

There are four different lipbalms: Eagle owl, Kakapo, Barn owl and Bluebird. They are all tinted apart from the Bluebird. I also have Barn owl but I'm going to review that another time.
In shape of egg, Missing U lip balms look like another lip balm by a brand from America but I don't believe Etude wanted to copy them. I think the shape and design fits perfectly the theme.They HAD to make the lip balms look like eggs.

I wanted something non-tinted for everyday use because my lips tend to become very dry and flaky sometimes.

Bluebird's scent is Peach.  I love it! I usually don't like fruity smells but I tend to like peach scent if it's subtle. And this lip balm has a nice subtle sweet peach scent. 

Application: I apply it on both of my lips at the same time (lol) because of the size and shape! The size isn't that big but my lips are kinda small. After application I can see bits of my dry lips has been swiped instantly. My lips turn soft after a few minutes but it doesn't last for long! I have to reapply every 30-60 minutes (depends). My lips turn dry again even though I can feel the balm is still on my lips (after 30-60 minutes). Most lip balms are like that for me. 

By the way, bluebird doesn't really taste like the default lipstick. It doesn't have any taste, at all!

At the bottom of the balm you can see not the manufacture date but the expiration date! Usually Korean products tell you the manufacture date!

Overall, this lipbalm is cute, smells nice, moisturizes my lips and it's made for a good cause so I'm going to give it 5/5 wings!

Have you tried any of the Missing U I can fly! products yet? What do you think?

Thank you for reading!



  1. These wings are so cute (: As for me, I love peach so this sounds like an excellent product ^_^ I'm on a no-buy for a while, so I might try it out afterward ^_^ Must... have... more... goo...

    1. I'm trying to stop buying.. but then the sweet recipe Etude House products came out...And I also have to have a couple of the Etoinette line..

  2. at first the packaging is kinda weird to me but as I look into it closely it's kinda cute :) weird I'm not getting your blog's feeds even cake pie's

    1. Do you follow us by e-mail? Did you check the junk folder? ^^

    2. your blogs is in my reading list and they are now appearing, I just have to click your blog links every now and then :)


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