Tuesday, February 19, 2013

[Swap] The Cakepie from America

I'm so happy to post about my swap with Cakepie! Thank you very much!

Cakepie lives in United States and I live in United Kingdom so there are brands not available in the UK and vice versa. I told her that I want to try Wet n Wild products and she included these lovely eyeshadows, lip balm and eye pencil! I love the shades!

I don't have purple-ish eyeshadows so thank you very much for these! I really needed them! I also love these trio eyeshadows: Sweet as Candy and Walking on Eggshells. I love the browns and pinks <33

Juicy Lip balm Strawberry Fraise and Idol eyes Cream eye shadow pencil from Wet n Wild and Color Whisper Cherry on Top from Maybelline

This creamy goldish eye cream pencil is really good! Love love love! I love the colour! The lip balm is massive and it has a strawberry vanilla scent (I think) and the color whisper lipstick is very pigmented. I don't believe we have them here in the UK yet ^^

I never heard the brand Jesse's girl but I really like this lip gloss! It says it's flavored but I didn't taste anything when I licked it haha. Maybe I'm really bad with smells and flavors ^^;

Bronzer and concealer pencil from elf! The bronzer is shimmery and I love it! Correct shade as well. But the concealer is a bit dark for my skintone so I'll probably use it as shader as well ^^

EOS lip balm in Honeysuckle honeydew! I wanted try one of the eos lipbalms! Thank you Tiffany for sending me this! Now I see the similarities with the Missing U lip balm from Etude House!

50ml Chocomania body butter and Chocolate soap from the Body Shop! My favorite body butter!! <33 You know me well Tiffany (^_^)

Goodies from Asia! MBD Aloe sheet mask, Skinfood black sugar mask and Strawberry yogurt mask! I really wanted to try My Beauty Diary masks ^^

Nail fimo bars in cute shapes! I really love those <3

And last she sent me these very very cute Hello Kitty stickers! I love hello kitty and stickers! Like a kid!

Tiffany also sent me a letter but I'm not going to show it to you guys =p it's private!

Thank you very much Tiffany for all these lovely and awesome things you sent me! I would have picked the same stuff if I was there ^^

To visit The Cakepie Blog Click HERE! To see what I sent to her Click HERE!

Thank you everyone for reading! Please visit her blog and follow her! She is an awesome blogger!



  1. So much awesome stuff :D
    The wet n wild palettes look awesome, it's really cool that they wrote on the colours where to apply them ^^

    1. Yes and they are very pigmented and creamy ^^

  2. It's geat to have friends to share your passions with. Enjoy your new stash! ^_^


  3. it's my first to hear nail fimo bars. they look cute.awesome goodies :)

    1. you slice them and you glue them on your nails with nail glue or top coat! but the top coat never works for me haha

    2. I've used nail glue and it worked but you have to work FAST! Topcoat has worked for me in the past, but I think what kind you use makes a difference. I love having fimos on but I seem to only want fruit fimos on my nails (:

      I had some cute shapes and thought Eva might like them ^_^ I'm also glad Eva knows what they are, some people have never seen them before, I was a little worried she'd be like "WTF is this stuff?" (;

    3. Yeah the top coats I've used didn't really work. I also seen on youtube some people file them flat. I tried that and I made a mess!

  4. Wow, what a great swap, everything looks so great!

    Greetings from Shirayuki's Beauty.

  5. It was really fun doing this swap with you ^_^ I'm glad you like everything, and I hope I picked up some goodies that you can't find in Ireland! (:

    1. It was really fun! All of the stuff you sent me apart from the body shop and elf (there is a website but everything is not as cheap as in America) aren't available in Ireland or UK ^^


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