Saturday, March 16, 2013

!!Important!! Google will remove Google Friend Connect Feature!

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Hello everyone! Google Friend Connect feature is going to be removed on the 1st of July this year! I dunno why Google decided to do this but everybody is talking about it. 

I added the new Google+ widget for the people who want to add me to their circles and follow my blog through Google+ and I also have the bloglovin' button ready for those who would like to follow me via bloglovin'! Of course there is the follow by email and news feed option! 

The rules of my current giveaway won't change however, I would really appreciate if the people who like my blog would follow me using one or more of the above ways! I'll follow back anybody (that has a blog) on bloglovin' too~ <3

It seems that Google is trying to force all of us to use our Google+ accounts but I really don't mind, I just want to continue having this blog and communicate with my readers! I hope we will continue being in touch after the removal of GFC~!

Thank you to all my followers and people who keep supporting this blog with your presence!
-Eva a.k.a Bunny Kiss!


  1. I have the same thoughts as you ^^

  2. Thanks for this post! Your blog is very nice~
    -sally ^ ^

  3. Huh. Google's just removing a whole host of things, aren't they?

    1. Google reader and apparently GFC is going to be affected :<

  4. I didn't know that Google was planning to remove it.. I just had it recently installed as well.

    Thanks for the post!


    1. No problem! I hope they will change their minds tho :<

  5. horrible!!! I hope Google will change it's mind

  6. So lame :( i literally just figured out how to put it up last night, i hope they change their mind. i suppose it's just a push for G+ but it seems like that ship has sailed... oh well.

  7. This is so freaking sad D; I don´t want to loose my lovely readers °(T___T)° For now I have put the Google+ and Bloglovin gadgets, but I hope it does not disappear x3
    btw I already follow you on Google+ and Bloglovin!(^^)
    Take care a lot Eva!( ・ω・)ノ

  8. This really sucks. Well, I hope bloglovin' is a good service because it looks like a lot of us bloggers will be using it from now on.


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