Tuesday, March 26, 2013

|REVIEW| Etude House Look At My Eyes Pearl Shadow Base

Hi guys~! I'm here with another review, I think I broke my record this month! I have so many products (listed and not listed on my Upcoming Posts page) to review but I'm also excited and I'm having a lot of free time this month! 

Look At My Eyes Pearl Base is a relatively new eye shadow base by Etude House. It claims to make the  shadow look shimmery, brighter and last longer.

The container is the same as the Dear My eye shadows but in the color of skin o.O)

It's very glowy and pearly with adorable finish! Looks glamorous and cute ^^

Above there is a photo of a pink matte eyeshadow swatch on the top and the matte shadow w/ the base at the bottom. It makes the finish shimmery but it changed the color to warmer pink. I'm not sure if the results are very visible on the picture.

I used a matte brown shadow and the base made it look glowy and shimmery!! I love it! Also the color changed a little! It looks more cute.

But the problem is my eye lids are oily and it creased after half an hour or so! So, not very long lasting for me. It would probably be better for dry eyelids!


Because I love the effect but it doesn't last on oily eye lids.

Have you tried this shadow base? Do you have normal, dry or oily eye lids?

Thank you for reading

This product was bought from f2plus1 ebay store.


  1. you could use a primer first like UDPP before putting the cream shadow.
    Although it creases, leaves a nice effect on the eyeshadow.

    1. Yeah I was thinking about that, I might try it but it might end up making my lids feel a bit "heavy". Will try and probably update through twitter ^^

  2. Thank you sooo much for the follow.^^
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    1. No problem! Thank you too ^^ I follow you on bloglovin yes ^^

  3. I like how it changes the eyeshadows, but it's no good if it creases.

  4. I like what Eugenia suggested, it might crease less if you prime. I have oily lids too and I ALWAYS have to prime >: what a pain

    My blog:

    Asian Beauty Community here:

    1. me too but I thought I could skip that since this is supposed to be a primer with long lasting abilities DX

  5. Should try using Eye primer before the eye shadow ^^or use loose powder to set it off. (;
    try it, it works !~

  6. wow i love the shimmering and glowing effect. I must put lots of moisturizer though before I can apply a base that cakes, well that's what people do to my face whenever they apply make-up on me because the make-up doesn't stick to my face (one of the weirdest fact about my skin). definetelt agree with the color change of your matte brown shadow, it looks good :)

  7. nice review. too bad i have oily skin xD

    visit my blog ^^

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