Monday, March 11, 2013

|REVIEW| TonyMoly Cat's Wink Shiny Skin Base in Mint

Hullo girls! I'm here with a review and a confession! Actually I'm going to post two reviews today hehe. I'm here with TonyMoly's Cat's Wink Shiny Skin Base in Mint for Red skin. Green cancels red so if your face is red like mine then you'd need a Mint color base! If your face is yellow you'd need lilac/purple base!

Before you continue reading I have the confession to make! My face turned red after I moved from Greece to Northern Ireland! I have no idea why and how. Maybe the temperature change! Unfortunately I didn't realized it until recently. After I reviewed a couple of BB creams and foundations without wearing a base, they all turned out pink! I didn't notice it on the mirror because I used artificial light to apply foundation/BB cream and it looked fine to me! I also stopped using Be clear moisturizer by Etude House because I think it went bad after the temperature change. So I don't have any actual whitening products any more! Hopefully I will order soon ^^; One of the BB creams I reviewed recently and the preview is false is BB Magic Cream by Etude House so it's not the BB cream, it's my face!

For Christmas present, Mr Rabbit (my fiance, I'm going to call him Mr Rabbit on my blog from now on LOL) let me order a bunch of Cosmetics see hauls one and two! Well some of them were given to me as a surprise by other people. Anyway, I was looking at the shades of Tonymoly's shiny base (without having a clue that my face was red), I decided to order the Mint one because I get red spots sometimes. Turned out , this is what I needed after all! I saw the difference after using this base ^^;

The packaging is soo cute and I love cats <3 EYE CANDY for moi!!

The ingredient list for those who can read and understand Hangul! I can't...

Consistency is pretty liquid-y and the actual color of the base looks really cute, I love mint color!

Preview One - Me with no base/foundation/BB cream and before I wash my face! See my face is reddish purple DX Also the clouds made the light with blue undertones!

Preview Two - Me after I washed my face and with the shiny base on! No more pink face but It didn't cover the red spot on the left. It covered my pores a little too (for some reason). 

Preview Three - Me with Tonymoly's shiny base in Mint and BB dation in Shade NO2 by Etude House! My face turned out to look a lot like my neck haha! Finally ^^;

This base saved me! I'm going to update the BB magic cream review with new photos of me wearing this base underneath the BB cream.

So in love with this base, It feels great one my skin, has soapy scent and it doesn't make my T-line get oily. Helps in covering up my pores as well.

Conclusion: I like and need this base! I'm going to give it 5/5 wings because it's worth it~!

Bought from f2plus1 ebay store

Have you ever tried a tinted makeup base? Do you have a favorite?

Thank you for reading!


  1. OMG YOUR HAIR!!!~❤
    Super awesome hair ohmygosh *0*
    Thank chu for the review! I think I'm going to buy this base now!~~❤
    So this base does not make your face green right like some green bases? D:

    1. Thank you <3 No the base doesn't make your face green ^^ It's great~!

  2. Oh that colour corrector worked really well for you! I have the shiny skin bb cream, but I hate how the packaging tends to leak. Does your nozzle leak?

  3. Wow The cream cover very good your "pink" skin *--* I have a problem of the pink skin too ;c but looks Great!!!! *O*
    Greetings~! ^-^ <3

  4. WOW Eva you have pink hair too!! (: It looks so cute and awesome!

    I have red skin too lately (probably my meds/infection) so I really want to try this product now. I have yellow undertones but the red looks so bad so I hate it >: Anything (like blushes, or pink/red lipsticks) makes it worse and I have a hard time wearing them, so it's good to know how well this works ^_^

    1. Thank you! I dunno why my face is red hopefully it's nothing serious ^^;

  5. can totally see the difference! it looks great on you! and your hair rocks ! >.<

  6. I was just thinking about buying this same foundation to help correct the redness of my cheeks (>___<), but I also noticed a yellow undertone in my skin lately (T___T) so I don´t know whether to choose a green or lilac base D;.

    1. I think mint will work well on both red and yellow ^^

  7. This sounds really good, I have redness too. Thanks for the review!

    Jesss xo

  8. wow love the colors!! like your blog post and your pink hair looks good. i read your all post its fantastic, thanks for sharing with us valuable post, great job. you can also visit:-

    Beauty Blender Cleanser

  9. Thank you so much for the review I've been wondering if i should get this primer or the Baby Choux Base, but the second one is more expensive and I think Cats Wink sounds good to me. I use the Innisfree green primer but I don't like the scent of it even though it's a good primer so I might change to this one ^-^

    Love * Monstros no Armário

    1. Thank you for reading! Actually, recently I've been using the peach choux base and it clogs my pores, so I definately prefer this one ^^


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