Tuesday, August 20, 2013

[Review] Etude House Magic Bubble Peeling O2 Water Peeling Pack

Hi ladies! I hope you are having a nice week! This time I'm gonna review Magic Bubble Peeling O2 Water peeling pack from Etude House. It's been months since I purchased it but I haven't had the chance to review it because I really have so many product to review, it gives me a headache!

There are different version of Magic Bubble Peeling but I haven't tried any of the rest yet. The products are:

  • Magic Bubble Peeling
  • Magic Bubble Brush Peeling Foam
  • Magic Enzyme Pack Peeling
  • Magic Bubble Creamy Peeling Wash
  • Magic Bubble Peeling O2 Water Peeling Pack

Description: Formulated with AHA and O2 water, this 2-in-1 brightening mask pack and exfoliator refines skin texture and tone for a smooth, healthy radiance. It improves penetration of skincare and make up products due to removal of dead surface cells.

I can't find the ingredient online, so if you happen to know where to find them, feel free to share!
1. Massage a generous layer onto damp skin.
2. Wait 5 minutes, until a full froth forms.
3. Rinse well with warm water. Use 1~2 times a week.
The packaging is in nice soft lilac and the pump is wide and easy to squeeze!

 It starts off looking like a cloudy gel with a few bubbles in it but it turns into foam after you massage it on your skin! But remember, your face has to be damp.
The next stage is tickle-ish and I could feel the bubbles in my pores!! It was very frustrating the first time but I got used to it!

It really does the job with exfoliating and cleansing the pores! Let's not forget brightening as well! Not sure how bright your face would look if your skin tone is a lot darker than mine. I'm very happy and satisfied with this product, I would recommend it to everybody! 


Because it really works on me, deep cleanses the pores, exfoliating and brightening!

Have you tried any of the Magic Bubble Peelings?

Bonus photo of my cat Nana!


  1. heyy i just nominated you for the liebster award! For details please go to my blog and don't forget to subscribe :D

  2. I haven't tried this product yet but it sounds quite promising. I love that it brightens up my face because I wanna become pale again after this summer :D I love the last selca haha :D You look really cute and adorable on that pic :3 Thanks for reviewing this product, Eva ! :)


  3. Hmm i think it might be for me!!! I love brightening peelings so muuuch!!! x.x

  4. I currently have 2 peeling products w atm so i dont think i will be trying this out soon D:
    But this one sounds promising thanks for the review~!!


  5. i think i need this. i almost ordered the one from the saem but digress because of all the products that i have but if it can really clean pores and can brighten up my face then i must check this product on etude

    1. I also like it because it doesn't irritate my skin like scrubs.

  6. Have you tried The Saem's O2 Bubble Mask? I got a sample of that and liked it, so I was wondering how the two compare. Looks like the Etude bubble mask is a little bit cheaper!

  7. nice review, I must to try it ...


  8. This looks adorable! I am adding that to my wishlist! :D

  9. Reminds me of the Zino bubble mask which I love.. Nice review, I want to try this too!

  10. Hi, nice review, I've bought one of these and use for couple times, it worked but the problem is, after I'm done with it, I recap and store it well, and few days later I've found the contains inside is leaking out, does anybody have the same problem?

  11. Thanks for reviewing it! I found a free sample in Japan, but had no idea what to do with it xD



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