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[Review] TonyMoly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar in Neon Yellow & Juicy Peach

Greetings~ I would like to share my review about the Petite Bunny Gloss bars in Neon Yellow and Juicy Peach from TonyMoly, today. I have posted another review of the different shades, in the past. Here is the link to my old review! I decided to try these two other shades almost after a year after I purchased Juicy Strawberry, Neon Orange and Juicy Cherry.

Needless to say, the packaging is super cute! Cute bunny ears with very very cute different expressions on each cup. Every shade has it's own face!

The Neon yellow's bar is actually yellow and it changes to pink after application! It seems some parts of the bar are pink, it was like that from the beginning. I'm not sure how it works.

The same problem I have with all of them is, the actual stick need to be pushed back down instead of just using the mechanism at the bottom.
Neon yellow is pink with cool undertones and Juicy Peach is a more natural pink shade with warm undertones. Juicy Peach is very similar to my lip colour therefore it doesn't make much difference when I wear it haha! Even though there is not much difference on lips, the peach one is actually more pigmented and more lipstick-like than the yellow one. It seems that the neon yellow it's more like a glossy tint than a glossy lipstick!

Like I stated above, Juicy peach doesn't make much difference on my lips, sadly!
Neon yellow is sheer pink with cool undertones and it looks a lot more bright in person! I don't know why it didn't transfer to the photo.

Both of them are very moisturizing but the yellow one is a little bit more! Juicy Peach's scent is very subtle, I can barely smell it but I can't define exactly what it smells like. Neon yellow smells like lemon but I'm not totally sure because it is subtle as well.

I also made a video for your convenience so you can see a moving photo of the gloss bars.

MY RATING 4/5 for the Juicy Peach

Because it's almost the same colour as my lips and not as moisturizing as the rest.

MY RATING 5/5 for the Neon Yellow

Because I like the shade and it's very moisturizing!

Have you tried any of the Petit Bunny Gloss Bars from TonyMoly?


  1. I haven't tried them because they're not pigmented enough for my liking, but I do love the packaging. So cute.

  2. I personally REALLY like the yellow, it's one of my favourites from the bunny line! (And btw, I'm pretty sure it works with the temperature of your skin. The yellow pigments turn pinkish because of the warmth on your lips! And it leaves a bit of yellow around the actual stick because some pigments on the stick itself were used but didn't go on the lips.)

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  3. I love these sticks they're so cute especially the packaging! I think I like the color of the juicy peach one more but the yellow one sounds better because of the moisturizing :o I always wanted to buy one but I never knew which shade :/ Which one would you recommend if you're looking for a natural color which will make your lips look more like light, baby pink lips? The peach or the yellow one? :o
    Thanks for the review, Eva~! ^-^*


    1. Juicy Peach is a natural colour but it wouldn't make your lips pink. Maybe one of the ones I haven't tried but I don't know! Thank you for reading!!

  4. it's funny how to yellow one is more pigmented and how the other one is more moisturizing when it's at the same line lol

  5. Lovely review! The tony Moly bunny bars are one of my favourite Korean produtcs. I've tried a couple of shades, but never those two. I think I would like to try yellow one, after reading your review.

  6. i havent tried these! i was so close to buying one the other week but i forgot my wallet --"

    check out my blog! :)

  7. i also have the juicy peach and the colour is not really different with my lips too but I like it because it makes my lips look better with the glossy effect XD
    the packaging is uber cute, and what I don't like is only it have to be pushed back >.<

  8. I had similar problem with etude gloss bar.
    I think this type of gloss bar has similar problem. :(

  9. I have the peach and the grape, but sad to say I'm not a huge fan of their smell / taste. I'm a huge fan of their design tho, totally kawaii & I love how they have the emotions on each bunny. Too kawaii!


  10. Really liking the neon yellow bunny bar!
    And the packaging is so cute ><
    Love how the bunnies have different faces

  11. These look so cute! I've been wanting to try these out just because of the cute packaging lol. Thanks for the review ^^

  12. Waa they look so cute >3< I've been wanting to try them forever but it's a bit of a pain for me to order Korean cosmetics T^T I especially like the way the yellow one looks... Well then at least I can see how pretty they are from your review ^^

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