Monday, August 26, 2013

[Review] Missha Creamy Latte Strawberry Cleansing Foam

Greetings everyone and happy Monday! This time I'm gonna review a lovely foam cleanser, Creamy Latte Strawberry from Missha. This is the first cleanser from Missha I've ever tried and I must say I'm pretty impressed!

Sadly I couldn't find the ingredient list online so if you have any idea where to find them, please share!

The Creamy Latte cleansers come in three versions!
  • Strawberry for Normal skin
  • Chocolate for Dry Skin
  • Green Tea for Oily Skin
Regardless, the website say the strawberry and chocolate one are both moisturizing.

I didn't get the Green tea one because I need a non-drying cleanser for my morning skincare routine!

At first I thought these cleansers must be gentle meaning their pH would be 5.5 or 5? I'm not really sure. Turns out it's between 7-8 pH. Which means it's on the alkaline side. As long as a cleanser isn't acidic, works great on me.

 The actual product is very soft pink and the consistency is very foamy and light. Not compressed and creamy as other cleansers.
Mixed with water it still is a light foam and it feels great when I massage it on my face. It smells like strawberry milk so I'm super happy and content everytime I wash my face haha. I love strawberry milk!

Something important I should add is, it deep cleanses my skin and leaves it squeaky clean which a lot of you (especially with dry skin) wouldn't want! However, it works great on me and help my skin absorb my toners and moisturizer. I would suggest a cleanser like that if you have problems with excess sebum and open pores.

I overall really like this foam cleanser and I'm definitely going to repurchase but I might end up trying something else, then regret and go back to it! lol!

MY RATING 5 out of 5

Because Creamy Latte Strawberry Cleansing Foam deep cleanses without drying and it smells super yummy!

Have you tried any of these cleansers? Do you use it for double cleanse?


  1. The formula looks so fluffy!! I would love to cleanse my face with chocolate... too bad it's for dry skin!

    Louise | Vanity Corner

  2. Haven't tried it yet but I like the scent and the color of it lol. will the scent stay on your face or will it instantly fade away after cleansing it off? :o I might want to try this out someday >u< Thanks for the Review, Eva~! ^-^^


    1. It fades away :) Thank you very much for reading ^^

  3. This seems pretty nice! I'd have to go for the green tea one for my skin, I wish they would make products for oily skin smell as yummy as the others :) thanks for sharing

    1. I have oily skin too but I need something moisturizing before I apply Effaclar duo cream. I don't think it makes any difference if you apply oil control products afterwards. Thank you for visiting :D

  4. Ahh! The texture truly looks like latte foam.
    I'm a sucker for fruity smells ><

  5. I love how it comes out pink and smells like strawberry milk :3 but since I have oily skin, I guess the green tea one is the only one I could try :( Great post! I love your reviews :* ♡

    1. I wouldn't worry about the cleanser not being for oily skin. Oily skin needs moisturizing too ^^ I have oily skin but I didn't want to get the green tea because I use other products for oil control! I think you should go for the one you like ^^

  6. Love how foamy and pink it looks! Super cute! And the smell! *_* Too bad it's a bit drying, not suitable for me in winter times. :P

    1. It's not drying :< I specifically said it deep cleanses without drying :<

  7. Looks like it'd be good for my oily skin. I love strawberry scents, too. *w*

  8. Just imagining the strawberry milk smell, *Q* yummm!

  9. I haven't tried them, but they seem so nice <3.

    Greetings from Shirayuki's Beauty.

  10. woahhh the stawberry smell must be enticing, the colour of it reminds me of cotton candy! thank you for sharing this sweet review *_*♡

    (Join my blog International Giveaway ♡! 21 items- lots of Japanese makeup and beauty products including cosmetics from Diamond Beauty, Candydoll, Dollywink, etc!)

  11. That look like a great foam!! I had a similar one from etude house before and recently used it up. So maybe this is next one =)
    Beauty review, D.I.Y, Beauty Tips and more...

  12. Seems like the cleanser I need! I have huge pores but my skin isn't that oily.

    I guess Missha's cleansers are really good. I tried a sample of its Super Aqua foam cleanser and, although it's supposed to be moisturizing (judging by the name of its line), it deep cleanses too plus it leaves the skin moisturized/softened. The price is somewhat high the last time I checked online though..

    Thanks for the post! I've always loved your reviews~ ^_^

  13. This sounds lovely, and the packaging is so cute! I think they also have a green tea version of this.

    Beauty Challenged


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