Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July Mini Haul 2012

Hey guys, I went out for shopping and I got the following stuff but I also got six tops which I didn't get photos of because I went and washed them as soon as I got back home. I'm going to be doing "outfit of the day" the following weeks. So let me show you what I got!

I bought this pair of cute yellow flip flops by Adam's. I regret not buying them in atleast one more colour though. They were very cheap. I think they will be great for the rest of the summer.

And I got a lil bit Maybelline crazy because they had a sale on. Also that Seventeen nail polish looks brigther in person. More like soft neon pink. Seventeen is a Greek brand I love it.

  • Seventeen Nail polish number 274
  • Maybelline Dream Mat Powder 
  • Maybelline the Falsies Volume express Black Drama
  • Maybelline BB cream
I tried the BB cream already and I'm not very satisfied by it. I think I need more coverage that it can give me.

Sooo that's all! Thank you for reading :D Don't forget to check my blog for upcoming "Outfit of the Day" and new cosmetic reviews.

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