Wednesday, January 9, 2013

|Hello Kitty| Betz Believe, Baby Doll and Keep it Real Lipsticks Review

Hullo Ladies~~~I'm here with a lipstick review this time! Taking a break before I start reviewing foundations and BB creams again but also my next review will be one of the requested from my Christmas Hauls!

Sanrio Hello Kitty released makeup and I purchased  three of their lipsticks from Superdrug UK a couple of months ago and I finally got to write this review because turns out they are really good!

1. Betz Believe 2. Keep it Real 3. Baby Doll
The container is plastic and it looks like a toy but the quality and colour of the lipstick is good enough to be used by adults.

All three have semi glossy (towards semi matte) finish apart from Baby Doll that also has pearl in it which it makes it look extra glossy! The least glossy one is Betz Believe. Keep it real and Betz believe are high in pigmentation. Baby doll is a nude pearly colour. My favorite is Baby doll <3

From left to right: Baby Doll, Keep it Real, Betz Believe
In detail

Baby Doll: Pearly beige nude shade, high in gloss with peach undertones.
Keep in Real: Bright semi glossy orange shade leaning towards red.
Betz Believe: Bright semi glossy medium mauve with red undertones.

Scent: None!

The packaging is so CUTE but the quality of the container is low. The important part is the quality of the lipstick though and I'm very satisfied with the pigmentation. I would totally recommend these lipsticks and I'm probably going to purchase more shades in the future!

Something out subject: I've added a video preview of these lipsticks, please tell me if you like it (^_^)/ I also made the photos bigger so please leave feedback about that too. I hope my blog isn't laggy for you now!

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  1. Ah! So cute! I wished they sold it here in Canada. I love that it's not too pigmented actually, because I would hate to see preteens wearing a bright lip!

    1. I don't think preteens are supposed to wear any makeup at all ^^;

  2. at first I thought it is a candy! hahahha.. the packaging really looks like a toy but super cute with the kitty head <3
    the color is great, i like baby doll one ^^

    1. I like baby doll too ^^ Thank you for reading Rini!

  3. aw the packaging is so cute!

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  4. I like the photos, they're really good for me. I also watched the video and the length was pretty good. These look pretty and I like Baby Doll the best.

    1. Yes I agree with you ^^ I like them and I don't believe they are for kids.

  5. These are so cute! Wish we had superdrug in Malta =(


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