Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Liebster Award

Hi girls! I've nominated by Jenny from almightyturtles blog! Thank you very much!

So 11 facts about me:
  1. I use different colour hairdye every time I dye my hair.
  2. Tinted Lip butters is my favorite thing to shop and I never regret buying them.
  3. I like the scent of cupcakes and cookies even on candles!
  4. I always have problems deciding which item to buy unless I have enough money to buy all options!
  5. I buy the wrong shade of foundation most of the time.
  6. I'm addicted to Chocolate and Doritos
  7. I love organizing my drawers.
  8. I eat ice-cream almost every day.
  9. It's very difficult for me to keep a mobile phone for more than a year.
  10. Sometimes I end up in all purple clothes which is a fashion mistake!
  11. I'm terrible at applying eyeliner on my left eyelid because I can't see very well with my right eye!

Ok after those embarrassing facts I'm going to answer Jenny's questions!
1. If you could have any job for one day, what could it be?
Singer in a pop Girls Group!
2. What's your all time favorite book?
Memoirs of a Geisha (even though the author stole that story from a geisha)
3.If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?
Shopping in Etude House shop in Seoul!
4. Do you keep a diary?
Yes but I don't update it every day!
5. Which place did you travel to last?
I always travel between Ireland and Greece.
6. What games do you have installed on your computer?
None at the moment - I recently reformated.
7. Have you ever cut your own hair? If yes, how did it turn out?
I cut my own bangs and they turn out fine - I've been trained as a hairdresser.
8. If you could take back one thing you've said, what would it be?
A lot! I always talk without thinking XD
9. The first actress/actor you can think of!
Kim Jae Won
10. What's an item you own that you prize highly?
My iPhone 4s.
11. When and for what reason did you start your blog?
I started in July 2012 because I wanted to share my experience with makeup and decoden.

My questions to the nominees!
1. If you had to pick one flavor of ice-cream to eat for the rest of your life, what would that be?
2. If you had wings, what type of wings would you have?
3. What is your favorite animal?
4. Where do you like hanging out the most?
5. What do you eat for breakfast?
6. If you could be a cartoon/anime character for one day, which of the famous cartoon/anime characters would you want to be?
7. Do you watch Korean Dramas? If yes, what's your favorite?
8. Your three wishes from the Genie?
9. Your ideal job.
10. What colour toothbrush do you currently use?
11. The first song that you can think of!

The people I nominate:
CakePie - I'm not sure how many followers she has but her blog is awesome! About games, life and makeup.
beautybloggr - Makeup and Korean pop culture blog!
The Certified Latebloomer - Makeup reviews and more!
Nyan Dany's Blog - Makeup reviews and more!
Some Girl named Jem - Makeup and more! Makeup reviews and Tips.

I can't find any more people to nominate at this time! Most of the people I follow have above 200 followers ^^; 
Thank you for reading!



  1. ohhhh, this is my first award!!!!thanks ^__^ must read the mechanics

    1. I'm sorry I didn't list the rules @@ I was lazy @@;

  2. hairdresser?? thats so cool!!
    im looking at your instagram =>>
    you have a black cat O_O soo cutteee, hes looking at camera XD

    btw to answer your question ^^
    first, i dont know you have pupe xD can you add me? and leave msg tell me that its you :) so to get many ribbons (money) you need to login everyday, this give alot of ribbons! just login everyday. post photo is good. i suggest you to have many friends in pupe because once you post a photo in pupe, they will comment and you will get alot ribbons. when i post pic i can get 300 ribbons from comment ;3

    visit my blog

    1. My pupe name is bunnykiss ^^ I have two black cats, Nana and Kuro. Kuro is an adult but Nana is a kitten ^^) They aren't related though.

      Thank you for the info ^^) I'll see you there!

    2. i just added you! cute pupe :)
      Nana and Kuro, they are japanese cats?? lol they are so cute!

  3. thanks for the nomination. I also nominated you (peace)

  4. congratulations on the nomination!
    and i would definetly love to shop in etude house right now too haha xD

    followed you xoxo

  5. thank you for the award


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