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☆ My Morning Skincare Routine (Anti-blackhead, anti-blemish, Moisture)

Hello Ladies~! Today I decided to write about my skincare routines! Click here for my Evening skincare Routine. Starting off with my morning routine now ^^

Before I start telling you the products I use, I want to state that my skin is normal to dry with oily T-Line and dry patches around my nose and sometimes on my eyebrows. Also I was in Greece for summer (very hot during the summer) and now I live in Ireland which is very cold during the winter. Meaning my skin turned from normal/combo to normal/combo with dry patches. Something I shouldn't forget to mention is blackheads on my T-line and sometimes I get break outs.

I've been using most of the products for the past 4-5 months  but some of them are quite new but they don't break me out and I see improvements already. The reason it took me so long to write about my skincare routine is that I easily get breakouts from creams and serums. It took me months to find creams that don't break me out. But here I am now even though with no serum! My skincare routine is pretty huge!

STEP ONE (anti-black head cleanser)

Happy Fresh Foam Witch Hazel w/ 30% Moisture by Etude House ideal for blackhead elimination. I start off my day with this deep cleanser and I've seen improvements. Overall with my whole skincare routines my pores are smaller and I don't need to use pore primer anymore. I can cover them with just BB cream/foundation. Click here to read the full review of Happy Fresh Foam Witch Hazel Remember to not rub your face when you rinse it off. Just splash water on your face, it helps with cleaning the pores! If you rub it with your fingers the stuff from inside your pores doesn't really get out ^^;


Vitamic C Microdermabrasion by The Body Shop. I use this to exfoliate my face. Very strong peeling, I wouldn't recommend it to sensitive skin. It leaves my skin soft and moisturized after every use. It also evens up skintone. I like this product very much but it's not for everyday use.


Wonder Pore Freshner (Toner) by Etude House. Using a cotton pad I apply this Toner all over my face, especially on my pores. Ideal for Blackhead elimination, anti-oil and it gives you moisture at the same time. Click here to read the Wonder Pore Freshner Full Review! This product works really well and I recently repurchased the big size!

STEP THREE (anti-blackhead treatment, TWICE a week only)

Latte Art Milk-Cacao Pore Pack by Tony Moly. I use this only twice a week to eliminate my blackheads. It's basically a clay mask that you keep on your face for 15-20 minutes. Again it's ideal to splash water on your face until it get removed instead of rubbing water on your face with your fingers.

STEP FOUR (sheet mask, TWICE a week only)

Various Sheet Masks by Etude House. I like using sheet masks a lot. They moisture and firm your face nicely. My favorites are Collagen Essence, Hyaluronic Acid Essence and Pearl Extract Masks. I recently got the Vitamin E essence Mask that I haven't tried yet.

STEP FIVE (preparation for makeup application only)

Nutriganics Smoothing Eye Cream by The Body Shop. I have to wear contact lenses all the time because of my high myopia. The only eye cream that doesn't go into my eyes and irritate them while I wear contact lenses is this! Needing protection and moisture before the use of foundation/BB cream, I use this smoothing and moisturizing (not very high moisture) cream that's aimed for people with the first signs of ageing. I get spots on the area under my eyes if I use too much of this cream.


Vitamin C Daily Moisturiser SPF30 by The Body Shop. Pretty nice scent! Very high moisture with SPF30. Ideal for dry and normal skin. It can make your skin oily if you apply too much. You don't get the full SPF30 if you don't apply too much but it's better than nothing! Protection from the Sun is essential nowadays. This cream really makes my dry patches disappear! If your skin is oily then the next step will help you after using the Vitamin C Daily Moisturiser.

STEP SEVEN (only if I'm going to wear makeup)

Vitamin C Skin Reviver by the Body Shop. Ideal for dull skin BUT I use it as a makeup primer and it makes my skin matte but moisturized and soft at the same time. It helps keeping my foundation/BB cream on as well. It really became an essential step before applying makeup for me. I recommend to people with oily skin as well.

And that is the end of my Morning skincare routine! Click here for my Evening Skincare Routine! Feel free to share your thoughts about this and/or the products you prefer to use to care your face. Thank you for reading!


Both skincare routines posts are for suggestion purposes and it doesn't mean that they work well for every skin type and every face. They have been working well for my skin but they might not work as well on other skins even if you have the same skin type as mine. This post is not sponsored and these are my honest opinions.


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  2. I like that you explain what they do for your skin, sometimes things don't always do the same as what they advertise, but it doesn't mean they aren't helpful (:

    I use the microdermabrasion as well, and I really like it too ^_^ My skin is tough though, and I agree it would probably torture sensitive skin!

    I will have to try that Happy Fresh Foam cleanser now ^_^

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    1. Happy fresh foam cleanser is really good! You'll definitely see a difference. Cheers!

  3. Thank you very much for share your routine with us Eva!!(*^▽^)ノ
    This is really helpful for me ^^ Someday I will have m own routine as well (when I have the enought money to buy the products I need T^T)
    Now I have to investigate more about EH Happy Fresh Foam heheh ^^

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  5. Hey Eva! I got linked from ABF (inehima) :)

    I've been looking for a really great product for blackheads! As a matter of fact your routine is actually close to what I've been looking for. I usually get dry patches on my skin when I don't hydrate myself properly, especially around my nose. Plus my pores are clearly visible and I'm looking forward to the day that I don't need to use pore minimizing primer anymore. I'm gonna give the Tony Moly items a try! Can you recommend some sites on where I can purchase some items?

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog! Actually right now i would recommend the strawberry yogurt sheet masks from My beauty diary that you can get for Be aware there are a lot of fakes. They do a great job with the pores. I think you should try these instead. If you really want to try the clay mask you can get it from rubyruby76 on ebay or their website :)

  6. I just started using the Wonder Pore Freshner and it's really good~! I love it to bits :> Thanks for sharing your skin care routine ♥ New follower here! Follow back on GFC?^______^

    1. Thanks will follow you back! I'm actually working on a new skincare routine post!


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