Monday, January 14, 2013

|Missha| Good-bye Crease Eye Makeup Primer no. 1 Clear Review

Hi Girls! I hope you like the new look of my blog! I made all the graphics myself ^^;

I'm here reviewing the Missha eye primer which has been requested on my Christmas Haul posts that you can find Here and Here!

Starting with the packaging - I love it! It looks luxurious and feminine. Maybe a bit plain but I like that.

The consistency is thick. The wand doesn't transfer much product on my eyelid and it's difficult to spread. The cream always stay on one spot so it can't get spread evenly.

My eyelids are oily so eyeshadow primer is essential for my makeup routine. Sadly this eye primer doesn't really prevent the eyeshadow from creasing after a couple of hours. Maybe less if I sweat. I'm very disappointed in this product! Maybe it'd work better if my eyelid wasn't oily.

The scent is not good as well. It smells weird. I can't describe.. maybe like a lipgloss that went bad? The scent isn't very important to be honest. I couldn't smell it while on my eyelids hehe. The date that has be manufactured is pretty recent so I don't believe the reason of all these is because it has expired.

I regret buying it and I wouldn't recommend it to people with oily eyelids.

I'm giving it one wing (star) out of five

Have you ever tried this primer? Did it work for you? Thank you for reading!
-Eva Nyah


  1. The new design is cuute, I love it!^^~
    And thanks for the review. My eyelids are also on the oilier side, do you know of an eyeshadow primer that works well? I'm looking for one but I have no idea which one to buy D: (and I don't want to spend like 30$ on, let's say, the Urban Decay Primer Potion).
    Do you maybe have a recommendation for me?^^

    1. Hi Jenny! I have only used (a lot) 10 proof eye primer from Etude House, this missha primer, Urban decay and Too Faced primers. The Etude one is so-so, it can last up to 3-4 on my lids. The best ones are the Urban decay and Too Faced.. Sorry I don't know any other eye primer ^^; I hope that helped ^^;

    2. Jenny I don't know where you live but I have seen some blogger friends of mine who like Wet N Wild's primer, and that's very cheap. You could also try ELF they're a bargain brand, if they don't work you'd only be out a couple bucks. I think UD primer is pretty good but it's so $$$ there has to be something else cheaper. I ordered a bunch of things from UD last year so I still have like 100 mini shadow primers so I haven't tried other ones because I feel bad buying primer when I already have some >_>

    3. Thank you two!! I ordered ELF's eyeshadow primer ^^

      Btw, @Eva: I nominated your for the Liebster Award! :3 Check it out if you feel like it ^_~ I thought writing the Liebster Award post was a lot of fun. Here's the link: ^^

    4. Thank you! Liebster Award sounds fun ^^

  2. HOLY WOW the blog redesign is so cute ^_^
    Your artistic skills are off the charts, Eva!

    Thanks for sharing this review, bummer on the primer >:

    1. Thank you!! I'm glad you like it! I used to have an old tablet and I couldn't really draw with it. But my fiancee got a good one for Christmas so I've been practising on his. Turns out it's really good!

  3. It's sad to hear this doesn't work well. I have oily lids too so this is definitely not for me.

    1. Thank you for visiting (^_^) I like your blog!

  4. The new desing is so cuuuuute!!! I like the bows and the wings!!♥
    About the a really shame this product does not work well >__<
    And too bad that the smell is so bad! D; Besides packing apparently there any other good thing about this pruduct u__u
    Well..hope you have a reallyy nice day Eva! ( ^ω^)ノ


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