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|Tony Moly| Petite Bunny Gloss Bars Review!

New review of Neon Yellow and Juicy Peach HERE!

I can finally write a review about these cuties. Petite Bunny Gloss bar or in my opinion Magic Lip Butters!

The flavours I'm going to be talking about:
  • Juicy Strawberry
  • Juicy Cherry
  • Neon Orange
The flavours that I don't have:
  • Juicy Grape
  • Juicy Apple
  • Juicy Peach
  • Juicy Orange
  • Neon Yellow
  • Neon Red
Before I start I have to say that I love these lip gloss butters and tints at the same time. They are a combinations of tint and moisturizer.


They have cute bunny faces on them. Every flavour of gloss have its own face and expression. That's makes them very cute, feminine and playful. And not necessarily for kids or teens, as a matter of fact these are not made for kids. Tony Moly fans may know that this company likes making cute looking cosmetics for adults. Also I want to add that the shades of colours (of the packaging) are very much unique and very very stylish.

They keep the lips moisturized and soft. The sticks are thin so they're easy to apply on thin lips.

Preview on my forearm

Other specifications: They do stay on the lips for long. If I drink or eat for around 30 minutes or so, the gloss will be gone but the colours on the lips stays like a tint. So you need lipstick remover to completely remove it from your lips at the end of the day. But of course it needs to be reapplied during the day if you want to keep the glossy look.

But let me focus on every single of these three glosses at a time.

Juicy Strawberry

The Scent: is artificial strawberry, the most bold smell of the three. But it's pleasant and I personally love it. I usually don't like artificial fruity scent on cosmetics but this one, it smells like vanilla and strawberry to me.

Colour: Cool Pink. That compliments my skin tone which is weird because cool pinks don't usually look good on me. This one is the perfect shade of cool pink for me. It compliments skin tones with hints of olive colour. But it will also look good on rose skin tones as well. In my opinion.

Preview on my Lips

Juicy Cherry

The Scent: Light artificial Cherry smell. I was worried about this flavour a lot. Because I have a problem with artificial cherry smells. They make me sick. But this scent is light and it doesn't smell exactly like other artificial cherry scents so I have no problem with it. Even though I get a lil bit disturbed if I sniff it too much. Hehe.

Colour: Cool red. I LOVE the colour. It's good for going out at night after work when you don't have much time to put extra make-up on and you want to look appropriate and moisturizing your lips at the same time. This colour stays on the lips the most. Probably because of the red shade. Looks great with all shades of skin tones because it's a classic shade of red lipstick.

Preview on my Lips

Neon Orange

The scent: A mix of orange and tangerine. I absolutely love this smell. Not too bold but not too light either. I adore cosmetics that smell like this.

Colour: Soft orange. Suitable for light skin shades. The colour stays on the lips for hours. Neon shades have been a trend this summer and I'm happy to say that this lip gloss bar is the best choice for lip moisturiser and tint. I just love it. One of my July favorites.

Preview on my Lips

So the things I love about these are:
  • They moisturize the lips like lip butters
  • They have colour like lip tints and the colour stays on the lips for hours
  • They leave the lips glossy like lip gloss
  • The stick is thin so easy to apply on thin type lips
  • The packaging is cute and adorable
  • Colour shades are unique and stylish
Things I'm not much happy about:
  • After a couple of uses the stick doesn't go back down when I twist the bottom. I have to push it back in. Maybe because of the hot weather here.
I overall LOVE these three Gloss Bars. 

Thank you very much for reading my review on these lovely gloss bars. I hope you like it!
Feel free to comment with your thoughts about my review or these line of products.



  1. I have the Cherry flavor~ It's really nice! :)

  2. aww. these look so adorable >_<

    1. I love them <3 I wish I had the whole collection! And my mother claimed the cherry one off me XD

  3. aaaa cutee :) tony moly always have cute package

  4. Cute. I'm interested to buy one. Thank you for the review.
    Just followed you.


  5. do they have a fruity flavour? or is it just the scent?


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