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|Etude House| Moistfull Flower Cream Review!

Moistfull Flower Cream by Etude House:

I recently received Etude House samples from BB Cream Boutique click HERE to visit. Once I opened the package I saw the moistfull flower cream and I thought "yay I wanted to try this!" And of course to write a review about this lovely product!

BB Cream Boutique description of the product: 

Moistfull Flower Cream is formulated with Baobab Tree extract to relieve and replenish dry skin with abundant moisture and a Cherry Blossom Floral complex to nourish, soothe and protect the face.

First Impression:

I have been curious about this cream but was hesitating to actually buy it because it says that it's for dry skin. Considering I have oily skin I thought that would be a waste of money. BUT being in Greece which is very hot during the summer and having the air conditioning on for several hours during the day made my skin dry. So, after I washed my face and applied oil control toner I finished it with the Moistfull Flower Cream and it didn't make my face go super oily. As a matter of fact my skin felt refreshed and soft after the application and it stayed like that for several hours. I have to note that the amount of cream I applied on my face was around the size of a small drop. 

Another event I want to share is: I went out for coffee during the day when the sun was up and very bright and even though I was wearing BB cream with SPF 30 I felt like my face was burning! And after I came back home I immediately removed make-up and applied oil control toner followed by a huge amount of this lovely flower cream. The results was very satisfying! My skin felt refreshed and moisturized again and it stayed like that for the rest of the day.


Moisfull Flower Cream by Etude House works great on dry and oily skin types with dry and normal patches. It moisturizes the dry patches without making the rest of your face oily. It does what it says and great to have something that contains cherry blossoms on your face. I wouldn't recommend it to people with very very oily skin that don't have any dry patches. Because they wouldn't need it in my opinion. But it's great for normal with oily T-Line and dry patches skin types that have moisturizing problems due to dry weather or other causes.

So, Things I LOVE about this product:
  • It doesn't leave your skin oily after use
  • Oily with dry patches skin types can use it with success
  • The skin feels fresh, clean and moisturized after every use
  • It's pink and contains cherry blossoms as an ingredient
  • It doesn't leave a clogged up feeling on the pores (most of the day creams do IMO)
  • Essential product for DRY skin!!!
Things that I don't like about this product:
  • Nothing I love everything about this!

Disclaimer: I have been given samples of this product for free but my opinions are honest and mine.

Visit BB Cream Boutique HERE~

Thank you for reading! Feel free to share your thoughts or questions on a comment and I'll do my best to answer them.



  1. Hi Eva! I have the collagen line and I love it! It's a gel-cream type. I wondered if this flower line was the same way, I'm happy to know that it's very light!

    1. I've tried products from the collagen line and they all worked great on my skin. Didn't make it oily and they didn't break me out. But unfortunately I haven't been able to buy full size yet (@_@)

    2. Eva, I bought almost all the collagen line, and the two best products that I should buy again for sure are the "essence" (it's really sooooooooo moist, more than cream 100 times!!!) and the "first essence" (it's very good to apply after cleanser and before toner, leaves skin very smooth and it has 91% collagen =O). I have the mist and it's very good to apply before BB cream because it's absorved in 1 minute and doesn't leave the skin oily (I use it because I have some parts dry and ... I don't know how to say in english, but I think that is "dry patches", and the mist decreases this dry patches)>>> I can't use cream because of my combination skin =/

  2. Well, as soon as I read the word "Greece" there I was like "at last, people understand how I feel in the summer". I was hesitant too because it says it's a cream for dry skins, but since my skin is quite oily it becomes a mess when the temperature gets high. Maaaaybe I will try this as soon as my other moisturizer runs low. I have read many of your reviews on products and they are really helpful! Thanx so much for the info. If it's not a problem, I would appreciate it if you could contact me in fb (Christina Exon). I would like to know where you buy the products from etc etc. Nice blog, keep it up! :)

    1. Thank you for reading my blog! I wouldn't recommend this cream to be used every single day if your skin is super oily but it's a light cream. It feels like toner mixed with cream! I really love it!

    2. Also please send me a message on my page because I'm not sre which Christina is you! :)

  3. hi! i loved this review since i was thinking about using this.
    I'm a total newbie to make up and face care, but i want Etude House products to be my first and this helped me a lot, thank you! :D
    Another question though, hope you can help me.
    Is this just a creamù you use in the morning all over your face, including eyes and eyelids, i mean like just whole face? is this a day cream? or just a cream you use when your skin is feeling dry?
    I await your answer, thank you :)

    1. Thank you for reading my blog!

      I've never tried it on my eye area because my eyes are sensitive. Etude House is not marketing it as a creamu so I don't know. I would recommend this for everyday use any time of the day (preferably after cleansing) if your skin type is dry. But if your skin is oily it's better to use it before you go to bed or just when your skin needs extra hydration. It doesn't contain SPF so I usually apply sunblock as well if I have to go outside during the day ^^ I hope that helped, feel free to ask if you have any more questions!

    2. Thank you for answering so fast!! :D
      aaah so it's not really a cream.
      I have a normal to oily type of skin, but because i never really use any type of care for my face, it is somtimes dry when there is a lot of wind or if I stood too long in the sun.
      I don't use cleaninsing either, so is it okay to just use it directly on the skin?
      Do you perhaps know a daytime cream you apply in the morning? Because i'm really a newbie to these things :P
      Preferable Etude House, but if you know other good creams too, please tell me, thank you! :D
      Also, did you use other Etude House products before or using now and ones you perhaps recommend to use and which one I better not buy?
      Thank you!!

    3. It is a cream moisturizer ^^) You should wash your face everyday because any other product you use it will get absorbed better. Also washing gives you a nice feeling of freshness and prevents spots that are caused by germs and dirt. A good cleasner for oily combination skin is AC clinic foam cleasner from Etude. Also a peeling would get rid of dead skin cells like Magic Bubble O2 Water peeling pack from Etude.

      Actually the flower cream is pretty good so you should get that. But if you want to try something different there is the Collagen Moistfull cream from Etude. All creams can be used during the day but depends if you want one with SPF or not. But I think the only reason the flower cream doesn't have any SPF is because usually Korean skincare includes a seperate sunblock. Some asian brands even have sunblock for oily and sebum control. I have the Laneige sunblock that is anti-pore and sebum control which is pretty good and it doesn't make my face oily.

      If you apply cream on top of an unwashed face it just locks the dirt between the cream and the pores which will cause spots...

    4. thank you for answring! :D
      The only thing i use now is a face scrub.
      so the flower cream is actually pretty good? and with SPF you mean something for against the sun?
      i don't really need sunblock though since in my country the sun only shines bright and strong enough for a few days xD for the rest it's pretty gloomy.
      aaah so it's best to fist clean face with a cleansing product? and then apply the cream.


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