Saturday, October 13, 2012

|Etude House| Fresh Cherry Tint PK001 Cherry Pink Review

Another lip product review! I recently noticed that I have more lip products than eye shadows and blushes... Weird? I thought I had obsession with eye shadows but turns out I've been collecting lots of lip products without even thinking... The bad thing is that they don't really last long!

So today I decided to review the Fresh Cherry Tint in Cherry Pink by Etude. It's a tint that moisturizes and gives a natural pink colour to the lips. I absolutely love! It's actually the new version of the old Pink Cherry Tint which I'm sure everybody loved! This one is even better!

Magic pink brush I would call it! It looks a very nice bright pastel pink on the brush and swatch but it looks soft pink on the lips without making the lips look pale and unhealthy! You can also use it as a blush. On lips prior lip gloss or by itself. I would recommend this to school girls as well!

Even though its name is Cherry Tint it really smells like Strawberries to me! Like a strawberry chewing gum. Lovely smell (^_^)!

The best thing about this tint is that it doesn't make my lips go dry if I don't coat it with anything else like the old Cherry Tint does.

My Rating: 

There are also three more shades that I'm looking forward to try them but I wouldn't change anything about this one! I like it very much :)

Have you tried any other colour of this tint? Does it smells like strawberries to you?


  1. I haven't tried any of the tints yet, but thank you for reviewing them because I was curious how they were. I like that you comment on the smell too, that's very important to me ^_^

    1. Thank you for reading :)

      I'm glad my review was useful ^^)

  2. At first when I saw this product, I thought it was a nailpolish, the packaging is so cute and shaped like a nailpolish.
    It looks great on you!
    Maybe I'll try another color, I have pigmented lips, I think this one will not fit me.
    Great review! :D

    1. Thank you Sarah :) There are three more colours. Hot pink, peach and red!

  3. Now i want to try it even more! Thank you so much for the review!(^ω^)

  4. Thanks for reviewing it! I haven't tried it already, but I'm thinking of buying one.
    I thought it was more colorful, but I think it's good be more natural =)

    1. You are very welcome Ami! Thanks for reading!

  5. this is my absolute favourite Etude House product; so natural and pretty~
    thanks as always for the awesome review!! :)

  6. I have a sample of RD301, and I love it ♥♥ I'm going to order full size :)


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