Saturday, October 6, 2012

|Lioele| Cheek Beam Blusher PitchPink Review and Swatch

This time I decided to review a cream blush by Lioele. Texture is very soft and creamy. The colour is a warm pink. My skintone is pale with yellow undertones. It looks a boring pink in the container but it looks happy warm pink after application! I wasn't very excited first time I saw it but I decided to give it a try. Seeing that I'm lacking in blushers.

Here are two photos of it. The first one is under white light and the other in the shadow. It really depends on the lighting. This blush tends to seem different under different lights.

Something that's not very visible before application is the glitter and sparkles in it!

I picked a huge amount on my finger for the swatch but in the next two photos is just a small amount that I spread on my skin. It looks pretty sheer with glitter at first but it turned brighter and stronger after a few minutes.

I overall like this blusher and I'm very happy about the texture! Really soft and creamy!

Have you ever tried this shade or different of the Cheek Beam blushers by Lioele?

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  1. Is the glitter obvious in person or mostly just in the picture?

    1. it's more obvious in person than in the picture ^^)

  2. Wooowww... Am so glad when am finding a review about this product! xDD
    Almost a month am searched about reviewing this product but I can't found it :( I already love lioele product since I see a make up youtubers always using lioele product :) so I decide love this brand and product too... Hehehe nice review :) love it!

    1. Thank you (^^) I don't have many lioele products but I'm hoping to try more in the future!


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