Monday, October 1, 2012

September Favorites - 2012

I have been using a lot of products the past month but these are my favorites that I have been using again and again. Also I believe I didn't use the Moistfull Collagen Eye cream all that many times but I thought I'd include because it's really good and I saw results after a few uses! I couldn't make a video about my September Favorites because I'm sick.

So My favorites are:

  • Verve Eyeshadow by Urban Decay - A nice silvery shimmery eye shadow!
Skin Care
  • Happy fresh foam Witch Hazel 30% by Etude House - For oily skin with Black heads! It's a really cleansing foam cleanser, you only need a little bit every time since it seems compressed.
  • Collagen moistfull Eye Cream by Etude House - Eye firming cream which it made a difference on the lines under my eyes after every use!
  • Sun Protect Lip Butter SPF30 by Liposan - Moisturizing lip butter with SPF because our lips need sun protections too!
  • Petit Nails PK015 by Etude House - A nice nude peachy pink shimmery nail polish, perfect for Autumn!
  • Intense Repair Shampoo by Dove - High moisture shampoo, makes my hair soft and shiny. It also treated my dandruff which is weird! I leave my hair to just dry without using hair dryer during the summer and this shampoo just didn't give me any dandruff but my dandruff came back I after I dried my hair with the hair dryer :(
iPhone App
  • KawaiiMEGU - It's a pet game from Japan but it also has an English version! I really love it! Check it out!
  • Wide Awake by Katy Perry - I usually listen to J-pop and K-pop but I really liked Katy's new song Wide Awake, from her latest album The Complete Confection. The album doesn't have new songs apart from a couple of remixes and this one!

Soo that was all my favorites for September, I hope you like it and feel free to post your September favorites with a comment below!


  1. Oh no, you're sick? Feel better, Eva!

    I love your favorites list, I've been wanting to try "Happy Fresh Foam Witch Hazel 30%" by Etude House, and I'm glad it works so well because blackheads are such a nuisance for me. When you feel better I look forward to more (:

    1. Thank you I feel better! I'm planning to write a review about that cleanser soon. But in short I would probably repurchase! xxx


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